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  1. In case anyone else has the same question, the answer was that after purchasing the license there were new SWF files provided to drop in place of the old evaluation files. So, question answered.
  2. I'm not personally buying the license. I'll just be responsible for implementing the full version. Do I need to talk to sales to get that detail?
  3. My apologies if this has been asked and answered before, but a company that I'm working for is planning on purchasing a license for FC. How do I switch from evaluation to licensed? Are there new flash files to download and drop in place, or is there some sort of license that gets placed on the server that the existing flash files download each time or something like that. They're planning on getting the SaaS license, and I don't know if that makes a difference. Thanks in advance.
  4. Chart Data Update Without Refresh

    By "refresh" do you mean refreshing the browser window? If that is the only thing you wish to avoid, then with a lot of graphs you can call the setXMLData function in Javascript. Assuming you registered your chart with Javascript, that would allow you to change the data. It also requires some fanciful page construction to stash your data in JS. You can also supply it a new URL to achieve the same effect. You can also turn of chart animation to make it look snappier. I had to do this in my own project because of the lack of a way to just tell the graph to filter out certain datasets. If you want to avoid the graph basically completely redrawing itself, then I haven't found a way to do that either. Hope that helps.
  5. Is the showLimits chart option supposed to work in LogMSLine.swf? Other forum posts list that attribute as a way to not how the min and max yaxis label, and the documentation in FusionCharts also lists it. However, this option is not listed in the PowerCharts LogMSLine documentation, so I'm inclined to think it is not available, and it has no effect on the chart when I put it in. Is there any way to hide all the yaxis labels. showYAxisValues will hide all but the min and max. Alternatively, is there a way to get the log chart to show 0 as its minimum value. I understand that mathematically a 0 on a log chart makes no sense, but that is there requirement imposed upon me by my client. Thanks in advance.
  6. Show Y-Axis Labels On Both Sides

    That chart does exactly what I need for the Y axis, but the documentation doesn't list a way to use a logarithmic scale (a requirement that I can't change). Please correct me if I'm wrong on this. I could fake the log scale using custom yaxis labels, but from reading in other threads there doesn't seem to be a way to use strings for the yaxis labels. I know how to change 1000 to 1K, for example, but that isn't what I mean. I can calculate logarithms myself on the server side, but if I do that, I only get yaxis labels 1-8. There isn't a way for me to call value 4 '1k', for example. Please also correct me if I'm wrong on this point. I suppose I can fake it with HTML absolutely positioned next to the chart and using proper margins next to the chart. I have a good idea of what range my data will be in. I could also maybe embed the chart in a SWF of my own creation, but that seems like a more complicated version of the HTML approach. Dang. Thanks for the reply, and I guess can I change this question into a feature request? Heck, with source code access I'd put it in myself, but I don't know if my client is going to spring for that level of license.
  7. Is it possible to show the y-axis labels on both sides? This would make it easier to read data on wide charts. I'm using the LogMSLine chart. The attached image is from a different charting package, but it shows the effect I'm trying to produce. Notice how, for example, 100M is on both sides. Thanks in advance.
  8. Json Object Discrepency In 3.2 Style

    It seems like some sort of auto XML -> JSON script was used to generate the JSON documentation. The JSON structure as written very closely resembles the XML structure, even though there is this huge difference.
  9. Json Object Discrepency In 3.2 Style

    Thank you for posting this! The JSON documentation for this whole product is atrocious, and your post here just put an end to about 2 hours of absolute frustration. The JSON data format as listed in the examples seemed a bit too deep, composed of too many layers of arrays. The documentation absolutely needs to be changed to be correct. I was about 5 minutes from abandoning FusionCharts altogether, and I'm looking at recommending the expensive SaaS license to my client. That's a big sale to miss out on. Other problems include no standardization on what needs to be capitalized. Is it "toobject" or "toObject?" When defining a font and choosing a font face, is it "font" or "face?" I've found examples of both. If I'm applying something to the caption, is it "caption," "Caption," or "CAPTION?