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  1. Javascript Chart: Smeared Legend

    Oddly enough, my issue resolved itself. The code and resources (js) at the time were the most current, and the problem was isolated to iOS devices. I forced the HTML5 on other browsers (non-mobile) and it worked correctly, with no smearing. Sorry I couldn't be of more help.
  2. This is another strange one... see the attached pic below. The chart, as rendered on an iPad, smears the legend colors. Pertinent facts: v3.2.1 running No problems in the flash version No problems in the javascript version rendered via a Web browser (e.g. non-iOS device) Any thoughts or suggestions? tia!
  3. 'no Data To Display' - Ipad

    Update: I'm running 3.2.1 What I've discovered thus far: I'm getting a lot of TypeError: Type Error messages in the console. This seems to be related to line 757 of the debugging fusionCharts.js file and only happens in iOS. Debugging could be improved in this regard. The XML params are far more strict in HTML5. I don't see this as a bad thing and, if anything, it requires better QA. MY charts don't like FC_Rendered whatsoever. I've had to recode several as the app hangs (as mentioned in my initial post). That's all for now. Things seem to be working, but it's not the easy transition for non-Flash platforms.
  4. 'no Data To Display' - Ipad

    Hi Angie, I'm working under v3.2 currently. I'll update my js file, but I found the issue: FC_Rendered seemed to be causing a loop in the rendering of the data. After pulling this out of the code, everything is working fine in both the Web (flash) and iOS (HTML5) versions. I'll see if the v3.2.1 js file fixes the issue and will update this thread later today. Thanks!
  5. 'no Data To Display' - Ipad

    Hi all, I have an issue with a few charts rendering in HTML5. Most are MSLine's and work perfectly find with Flash. No problems whatsoever. However, I'm getting 'No Data To Display' in Safari on the iPad. I've activated javascript debugging and yielded a nmumber of errors. All occur in fusioncharts.js, line 15. TypeError: Type Error and a reference to setDataURL (which I updated to setXMLUrl). Now I'm received a ridiculous number of errors. I stopped the page load at 5000 errors, all 'TypeError: Type Error' Any suggestions?