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  1. Hello FusionCharts - Our current web application is displaying a fusioncharts pie chart. This works great. However, for mobile, touch devices, I need to disable touch interactions with the pie chart so as to not interfere with the underlying page scrolling mechanism. For example, on an Apple iPad (iOS), the pie chart (javascript rendering) blocks the user's ability to scroll the page with their finger. I have experience with Highcharts, and have found a work-around that basically bypasses the chart's eventing mechanism and allows the underlying iOS to implement it's default behavior. Is FusionCharts aware of this; and, can FusionCharts provide either an alternative solution to this please? Thanks, Matt Jurgensen [email protected]
  2. I would like to have the clicked (selected) state color change when selected; using USA All States map. I don't see a way to change the color attribute without relloading all the data again. Maybe you already support this but I can't find how to change an attribute of an entity. like color. thanks matt.