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  1. Printing long gantt chart

    Sorry, I was side tracked on another project and forgot to check the forum. I am able to print the chart using the context menu. However, when the chart prints, it auto-sizes it to fit on one page, which shrinks the text down to an unreadable size. Its like taking a picture that is looks good at 16x20, then shrinking it down to a thumbnail - its there but you can't really see any detail.
  2. I was able to dynamically change the size the of swf using javascript. I get the number of rows in the gantt chart first, then calculate how long to make the swf based on the number of rows. The calculation I found works good is swfHeight = NumRows * 25, with a minimum of 200 pixels and a max of 4000 pixels. I have a 161 row gantt that fits into this nicely. The only problem so far is printing - the flash won't print a large image on multiple pages.
  3. I have a FusionGadget gantt chart that is dynmically generated off a database. The chart ends up being very long on the page (161 rows which we've sized the swf to 4000 pixels). When printing (right-click, then select Print), it displays the entire image on one page, which shrinks it down to being impossible to read. Is there a way to get the print to split across multiple pages? Also, when printing from the browser (File Print) the swf image does not show - everything else on the page does. Same thing when printing to PDF using CutePDF Writer. I'm using Firefox and checking the option to print background (images/colors).