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  1. Decimal Problem

    Hi, When I change my values (coming from sql server) in to decimals like this 13.6 and 14.4 in chart debugging windows its showing this ERROR: Invalid number 13,6 specified in XML. FusionCharts can accept number in pure numerical form only. If your number formatting (thousand and decimal separator) is different, please specify so in XML. Also, do not add any currency symbols or other signs to the numbers. Thanks
  2. Decimal Problem

    Thanks for the respond.Strange it seems working but if you can see above my values are like this 136,144... So I need to apply decimal like this 13.6,14.4 not 136.00,144.00 Thanks
  3. Decimal Problem

    Hi, Is this only working on XT version? or it does support for every versions Here is my debugging code Info: Chart loaded and initialized. Initial Width: 654 Initial Height: 491 Scale Mode: noScale Debug Mode: Yes Application Message Language: EN Chart Type: Single Series 2D Column Chart Version: 3.2.2(XT) Chart Objects: BACKGROUND CANVAS CAPTION SUBCAPTION YAXISNAME XAXISNAME DIVLINES YAXISVALUES HGRID DATALABELS DATAVALUES TRENDLINES TRENDVALUES DATAPLOT TOOLTIP VLINES VLINELABELS INFO: Chart registered with external script. DOM Id of chart is FactorySum INFO: XML Data provided using dataXML method. XML Data: <graph caption="Registreret vandforbrug i hl3" wMode="window" subCaption="" decimals="3" sDecimals="2" forceDecimals="1" animation="0" showNames="1" numberSuffix=" m3" pieSliceDepth="30"><set name="Jan" value="86" /><set name="Feb" value="92" /><set name="Marts" value="0" /><set name="April" value="0" /><set name="Maj" value="0" /><set name="Juni" value="0" /><set name="Juli" value="0" /><set name="Aug" value="0" /><set name="Sep " value="0" /><set name="Okt" value="0" /><set name="Nov" value="0" /><set name="Dec" value="0" /></graph> Thanks
  4. Decimal Problem

    Debugging mode is not available?
  5. Decimal Problem

    Hi, I tried to change numbers for testing database I have 11.52 and 10.1 see how its showing in chart strXML = "<graph caption='Registreret vandforbrug' wMode='window' subCaption='' decimals='3' sDecimals='2' forceDecimals='1' animation='0' showNames='1' numberSuffix=' m3' pieSliceDepth='30' >"; anything wrong in my XML? Thanks
  6. Decimal Problem

    Hi, These values are not hard coded.They are coming from SQL server database and plotted in to the chart.136 and 128 are example values. my problem is I cannot format those values with decimal points. Thanks
  7. Decimal Problem

    Here how its showing now I need to format 136,128 as above Here is my xml strXML = "<graph caption='Registreret vandforbrug' wMode='window' subCaption='' decimals='1' decimalPrecision='1' forceDecimals='1' sDecimals='1' animation='0' showNames='1' numberSuffix=' m3' pieSliceDepth='30' >"; Thanks
  8. Hi, As your documentation I have used this attribute to show the decimals decimals='2' But that will not apply any decimals. But when I use these attributes decimals='3' sDecimals='2' forceDecimals='1' its showing decimals like this 144.00 49.00 But I have these actual values coming from sql database 49.95 144.05 Here is my code strXML = "<graph caption='Registreret vandforbrug' wMode='window' subCaption='' decimalPrecision='2' animation='0' numberSuffix='m3' pieSliceDepth='30' >"; Also tried formatNumberScale='0' but still same Any ideas Thanks
  9. Hi, I am trying to see the example given form fusionchart for c#.I have changed the connection settings in to SQL server everything seems ok but having a problem with data reader.Please see the attached file. Here is the code. using System; using System.Collections.Generic; using System.Linq; using System.Web; using System.Web.UI; using System.Web.UI.WebControls; using DataConnection; using InfoSoftGlobal; using System.Data.SqlClient; public partial class User_Chart : System.Web.UI.Page { protected void Page_Load(object sender, EventArgs e) { // Generate chart in Literal Control FCLiteral.Text = CreateChart(); } public string CreateChart() { DbConn oRs; string SqlQuery; string strXML; //Generate the graph element strXML = "<graph caption='Factory Output report' subCaption='By Quantity' decimalPrecision='0' showNames='1' numberSuffix=' Units' pieSliceDepth='30' formatNumberScale='0'>"; SqlQuery = "select * from Factory_Master"; oRs = new DbConn(SqlQuery); //Iterate through each factory while (oRs.ReadData.Read()) { //Generate <set name='..' value='..' /> strXML += "<set name='" + oRs.ReadData["MonthShortName"].ToString() + "' value='" + oRs.ReadData["uUnits"].ToString() + "' />"; } oRs.ReadData.Close(); //Finally, close <graph> element strXML += "</graph>"; //Create the chart - Pie 3D Chart with data from strXML return FusionCharts.RenderChart("../FusionCharts/FCF_Column3D.swf", "", strXML, "FactorySum", "600", "350", false, false); } } Waiting for your reply Thanks