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  1. Fusion chart not showing smaller scale values.

    Right,The value is rendered on the chart but the column is so small that it is not seen in the chart.So i'm not able to click on the column. Any solution ? Thanks, Pallavi.
  2. Hi, Fusion chart doesn't show-up the smaller values in the chart. Is their any way to do it ? For example : If i'm having the following two values in chart,but the smaller one "12" is not displayed . < set value='12' /> < set value='144443485' /> I need this because i'm having some script embedded and the user should be able to click it. Any solution ? Thanks, Pallavi
  3. I'm trying to use some functions from FusionCharts.js using JSNI . Can some one give some short example on it ?
  4. Javasript for drill down charts.

    Thanks, It's working now. Just some flash settings.
  5. Javasript for drill down charts.

    Sorry for that.. I did something wrong.
  6. Javasript for drill down charts.

    The chart will appear within this DIV. This text will be replaced by the chart.
  7. Javasript for drill down charts.

    Hi, The below link example works for me but other javacript examples for drilldown of chart are not working. why this example is not working : Do i need any Flash or other settings ?
  8. Javasript for drill down charts.

    I don't get any error but the alert box is not dispalyed on the click.
  9. Hi, I'm trying to run the below link example... But it's not working and i'm not able to figure out the problem. Can any one please help me ?