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  1. Would it be possible to have some details of the proposed licensing model for FusionCharts for SharePoint? I understand that the licence is likely to be the same as for FusionCharts V3 (eg. $1999 for an Enterprise licence), but the concept of what constitutes a web server and a website is somewhat different for SharePoint when compared to conventional websites. For instance, if the FusionCharts for SharePoint Enterprise licence is $1999 (could this please be confirmed?) and we apply the 5 web server and 5 website limits, would that mean I only need one such licence for my circumstance, which is as follows: Server farm with two SharePoint Web Front End servers (would these count as the web servers?) Five web applications installed on the above farm, ie. each web application has multiple site collections and sub-sites, but each web application only has a single unique URL (so are the web applications the websites as defined in the FusionCharts Enterprise licence?). This is now a crucial question for us (apart from the go-live date of the product of course!) as we are of the opinion that FusionCharts for SharePoint is potentially the best "low cost" charting solution for SharePoint that we've found - as long as our assumptions on licensing are correct. An early response would be greatly appreciated as we are keen to move forward with a preferred solution ASAP. Thanks in anticipation.
  2. Good News! The latest version seems to work OK on SP 2010. We've tried charts in both the root site collection and in a sub-site and in both cases the chart was created successfully in the wizard (using a SharePoint list as the source), and remained visible when refreshing the page or when navigating away and then returning to the page.
  3. Is this the message you are looking for?
  4. Sharepoint Rendering Issue

    It seems this issue has been reported in two different places in this forum, but without the developers spotting the connection, as I was not asked during the diagnosis of my problem at the link below to confirm whether or not I was working in a root site collection. It's essential that we have a product that works successfully outside a root site collection in SharePoint, otherwise it's of no use to the majority of our users.
  5. On a slightly different issue, assuming the problem using charts outside a root site collection gets fixed, have you got any plans to allow the data source to be a SharePoint data view. It would be very useful if we were able to create a data view on a page, say to join or merge the data from multiple lists, and then to have a chart on that same page that can make use of the data view. Technically, we know it is possible as a colleague was able to do this using Visifire as the charting tool, but we'd prefer to use FusionCharts as your wizard is so much easier to use than any other that we've seen.
  6. I think one of my colleagues may have pinpointed the cause of our problems. See http://forum.fusionc...h__1#entry32624 Our charts were not being created in a root site collection, so we have just recreated the charts in a root site collection on each of our 2007 and 2010 test servers, and in both cases they now work.
  7. It works ! I can Finish the wizard and even after a refresh or navigating away and then returning to the page the chart is still there.
  8. Attached is the loglist entry after the installation of the latest version, which results in the "No data to display" error.
  9. We've got MOSS 2007 Standard on Windows 2003 (32-bit) and SPF 2010 on Windows 2008 (64-bit) and have tried the revised code on both. MOSS 2007 works OK. SPF 2010 still exhibits the same error as before, ie, I can connect to a list, display the data in a chosen chart, preview works OK and intiially the chart seems to be OK on hitting Finish. However, refreshing the page only displays "No data to display", even though going back into the wizard reveals that the chart is still there - it just won't display outside the wizard. I'll check the LogList again and post the relevat data here as before.
  10. Any news yet on the bug fix, or at least an expected resolution date? Unfortunately. it looks like we may have to look for another product for SPF 2010 as we have a deadline to meet, whch is a pity because your webpart is easily the best I've seen.
  11. Attached is the content of one of the error log records from my test server. Regards, Kevin
  12. I get exactly the same error. Using SharePoint Foundation 2010 and the Fusioncharts wizard works OK and allows me to link to a SharePoint List and to preview my chosen chart type. Upon hitting Finish the chart displays correctly on the page, but as soon as I navigate away and return or even just refresh the page view I get "No Data to Display". If I go back into the wizard the chart and the list connection is still there and is shown in the wizard preview pane, but it simply won't render properly once I exit the wizard. I have already logged a support call for this, and I am just waiting for a response.