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  1. Mscolumn3Dlinedy Sync Y-Axis Labels

    I have my chart looking like this, my only problem is that the Y-axis primary and secondary numers are different on the scale (outside the chart) on the left side its 12999 and on the right side 13000 how can i lock it so that it only shows round ( or thousand ) numbers only and showing the same # on both sides of the y-axis. I am setting my max and min values so they are exactly the same on both sides. <chart caption='Sales vs PW Sales' labelDisplay='STAGGER' numberPrefix='$' sNumberPrefix='$' xaxisname='Store' pyaxisname='Sales' syaxisname='PW Sales' bgColor='f7f2ea' borderThickness='0' PYAxisMinValue='***Min***' PYAxisMaxValue='***Max***' SYAxisMinValue='***Min***' SYAxisMaxValue='***Max***' numDivLines='***Split***' adjustDiv='0' formatNumberScale='0' sFormatNumberScale='0' decimals='0' forceYAxisValueDecimals='0' yAxisValueDecimals='0' forceDecimals='0' sDecimals='0' forceSYAxisValueDecimals='0' SYAxisValueDecimals='0' sForceDecimals='0' thank you.