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  1. Hi I don't want gradual change in my 2D-COLUMN graph,how to remove this style,thanks.
  2. About Tooltip

    Hi I get a problem... <dataset seriesName=' S1'> <set id='S1_1' value='50.00' toolText=' AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA' /> <set id='S1_2' value='50.00' toolText=' BBBBBBBBBBBBBBBBBBBBBBBBBBBBB' /> </dataset> <dataset seriesName=' S2' > <set id='S2_1' value='50.00' toolText='XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX' /> <set id='S2_2' value='40.00' toolText='CCCCCCCCCCCCCCCCCCC' /> </dataset> when set "S1_1" 's value equal "S2_2" 's value "S2_2" 's tooltip will cover "S1_1' 's then users can't see S1_1 's tip is there an attribute can show them all? or i need concat s1_1 and s2_2's tip so sorry for my poor english.......
  3. About Tooltip

    if i have source code ,could i modify it and realize same value add on one tooltip?
  4. Two Questions....

    Hi, I have two questions. First:look at this two pictures ,when load the flash,it seems load too slow sometimes ,like 1.png and a moment later it will be normal.how can I solve or avoid the problem? Second: I use this data.xml and set PyAxisMinValue="99.2" ,PyAxisMaxValue="100" then the divLine is disappered like 4.png.how can I let the divLine back? <?xml version="1.0" encoding="utf-8"?> <chart showLegend="0" showYAxisValues="1" yAxisValuesStep="1" showDivLineValues="1" labelStep="1" labelDisplay="WRAP" showDivLineSecondaryValue="0" showSecondaryLimits="0" chartRightMargin="60" chartLeftMargin="60" showValues="0" canvasLeftMargin="45" canvasRightMargin="45" formatNumberScale="0" plotBorderColor="#6699CC" plotGradientColor="#FCFCFC" plotFillAngle="0" dynamicAxis="1" PyAxisMinValue="99.2" PyAxisMaxValue="100" setAdaptiveYMin="1"> <categories> <category label="2011-06-01 10:00" /> <category label="2011-06-01 11:00" /> <category label="2011-06-01 12:00" /> <category label="2011-06-01 13:00" /> <category label="2011-06-01 14:00" /> <category label="2011-06-01 15:00" /> </categories> <dataset ID="3" seriesName="E439,(M)CSSR_Mobily" color="#6699CC" renderAs="Line" parentYAxis="P"> <set ID="0" value="99.21" toolText="99.92" /> <set ID="1" value="99.95" toolText="95.95" /> <set ID="2" value="99.98" toolText="99.98" /> <set ID="3" value="99.98" toolText="99.98" /> <set ID="4" value="100.01" toolText="99.97" /> </dataset> </chart>
  5. Two Questions....

    About first i upload 4 pictures. About Second i set adjustDiv='0' but there's a new problem...look the red area.....
  6. Hi, I want to know when i use "MSCombiDY2D.swf" is there an attribute to hide secondary Y axis? thank you.
  7. Hi, Is there an attribute in zoomline.swf to display tooltip like picture2 (only mouse over the round then display it)? because when i have a lot of lines it gets on my nerves........ if there's an attribute can control the style is good. thank you~
  8. About Tooltip Of Zoomline

    thanks,Angie,I looked the documents ,but I'm not find what I want ....... i just want when my mouse over the rounds then display the value of what my mouse point , zoomline.swf seems different with other template ,i don't know how to do ..........
  9. Thank you very much~
  10. ZoomLine Template can not support the "labelStep" Attribute? I set labelStep = '4' ,but it doesn't work use msLine Template it can be work well
  11. Hi, i want to add two Y axis .so i can compare two different measurement lines. I tried add parentYAxis='S' on dataset node ,but it doesn't work.can zoonline template support two Y axis? who can help me? thank you.
  12. Can Zoonline Template Support Two Y Axis?

    Thanks for your help, Dual Combination chart can suffice my requirement but it can't zoom in/zoom out....................
  13. Hi, I have three requirement,it seems need MultiAxisLine + ZoomLine,but i want to use in one template.how should i do? *Dynamic Graphs 1: when a report graph is generated, it should be possible to zoom and dynamically in the graphical user interface to examine particular timeframes in greater granularity (without regenerating the graphs) *Dynamic Graphs 2: when a report graph is generated, it should be possible to add and remove KPIs or particular measurement objects to graphs dynamically to enable comparisons of multiple KPIs over different measurement objects (without regenerating the graphs) *Dynamic Graphs 3: when a report graph is generated, it should be possible to assign elements dynamically to different Y axes and change the scale of the X and Y axes dynamically (without regenerating the graphs)