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  1. I have rendered my chart on jquery-ui dialog. my html page looks like <div id="chartdiv" style="height:600px;width:600px;margin:auto;">The Chart Will Appear Here.<span id="w" style="display: none;"><input type="text" value="600"/></span><span id="h" style="display: none;"><input type="text" value="600"/></span></div><script type="text/javascript">var myChart = new FusionCharts("MultiAxisLine.swf", "myChartId", "100%", "100%", "0", "0");myChart.setDataURL("mychart.xml");myChart.render("chartdiv");FusionCharts.addEventListener('Error', function (eventObject, argumentsObject) {alert('There was an error with charts!\n' + argumentsObject.message);});</script>[/size][/font] I tired to show current height and width like this with jquery $('#chartdiv').dialog({ resize: function(e,ui) { $('#w').text(Math.round(ui.size.width)); $('#h').text(Math.round(ui.size.height)); } }); But found that fusionchart.js some how ignoring every thing between <div> to </div> so, How can I show the current height and width? Thanks,
  2. I have rendered my chart on jquery ui dialog it perfectly exporting on any browser if I do not resize it after rendering. It also exporting after re-sizing on Google Chrome 14.0.835.202 on Fedora 15. But if I try to resize and export in firefox 7.0.1 then I am getting this alerts. I belive there is a bug in exporter.js I am using power chart version 3.2.2. There was an error with charts! #25081617 myChartId~hasRendered() Error >> ExternalInterface call failed. Check whether chart has been rendered. And then Please wait for the chart to finish rendering before you can invoke exporting How to resolve the issue Thanks,
  3. have you tied it? try it from and I am giving you the exact thing %E2%82%B9 . And tell me is it running or not because it;s not in my server.
  4. have you tied it? try it from and I am giving you the exact thing %E2%82%B9 .a And tell me is it running or not because it;s not in my server.
  5. I want to add some things on chart. I am using candle stick chars. So 1. I want to put color Indicator ask trendset name of bull and bear fill color with trendset name indicator name. 2. I want to put a copyright mark of my site in the chart. I am using free version I do not any problem with fusion chart's copy right mark and to keep it. But I worked hard to get the chart working so I want put and additional copy right of my site. 3. How do I use chart name as php variable. Like in the chart I have to mention chart name in javascript like myChart.setDataURL("results.xml"); But I am generating the chart from database so I want accurate out put for each user. I do not want any conflict of data so I am using tempname. So, how can I use $name instead of result.xml this things I want to know. Can any one will help me about this please? Thanks.
  6. no it's not working xml appearing with "₹" symbol but in chart It's not sorry about the post twice. I do not know how it happened.
  7. no it's not working xml appearing with"₹" symbol but in chart It's not
  8. I am trying to add INR or Indian currency Rupees symbol in candle stick charts but It appearing like the attachment. I am running it on my pc which is fedora server configured and I have the symbol but in chart it's not appearing. can any one tell me how to add it?
  9. User Licence

    I know it show your link. Is it applicable for power charts also? Do I need any written permission to use charts?
  10. User Licence

    Presently I am running a non commercial website. I want to know If I use fusion chart for now can I use it without buying licence. Because I can not afford buying licence right now. As far I will be able I will. But please tell me can I use it for non commercial website? Thanks,