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  1. No Data To Display Error

    Hi I wonder if you could help me, I am working on using the example FactoryDB MySQL database to pull into a pie chart with a drill down to a Multi line chart. The pie chart works fine and shows exactly what you would expect i.e. Factory 1, Factory 2 and Factory 3. I then click on a factory and get the "No data to display error". I am using JSP to create SQL to pull from the example database "Factorydb". The query I have is as follows... <c:set var="strQuery" value="select * from factory_output inner join factory_master on factory_master.factoryid = factory_output.factoryid where factory_master.FactoryName='${param.factoryName}' order by DatePro Asc" /> If I replace the '${param.factoryName}' with 'Factory 3' then the query generates the chart as I would expect. I have also outputted the XML generated using the above query (with the '${param.factoryName}' in place) and there is nothing wrong with the XML generated - I have attached the file. It would appear that the '${param.factoryName}' makes the difference as to the chart working and it not! Any ideas? Thanks in advance Mark XML.txt