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  1. setDataXML cannot be called

    Hi, here is the link Please log in as 'lohika', password - 'test'. It is part of a comercial project that is why link is given privately. On the page there is a chart with no data set on its creation(that is '') Then javaScript slider component is created for this chart. Slider has event that is triggered on slider position changing (and after slider initialization). This event in our case calls function that updates graph data. The function has to send AJAX request but i simplified that for debugging purposes and simply some stub data is set into the chart. Actually it is no set because error occurs on setDataXml method call. Javascript breaks its execution and i even cannot move the slider For now as a workaround i recreate chart every time the data has to be updated but what is bad is that chart is blinking on being recreated. Please let me know if i can somehow assist in solving this problem... If you have any questions feel free to ask (more detail explanation on our JavaScript or any other).. Thank you very much for you help. P.S.: It looks like Email button under the posts on this forum doesn't work..
  2. setDataXML cannot be called

    I use Area2D and Chart2D but it looks like the error occurs for both of them. The page is deployed for debug. Please let me know if you received a link and successfully signed in. Thank you very much. Appreciating your help.
  3. setDataXML cannot be called

    Yeah it is not inside a form... The error is: "chartObj.setDataXML is not a function [break on this error] chartObj.setDataXML(newDynamicData);"
  4. I need my chart data to be dynamically changed. To update chart data next code is used: var chartObj = getChartFromId(chartToUpdateId); chartObj.setDataXML(newDynamicData); But here is what is going on: chartObj returned by getChartFromId is a function! and thus cannot have setDataXML method... Please help. Where is a mistake? What is wrong here? Thanks in advance.