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  1. I'm drawing a 2d Stacked Column and there is small gap between the top of the column and the chart border. How can I remove this? I've tried many different chart and canvas margins and paddings and nothing works. You can see the small (10%) game above the blue bar and below the chart border in my attachment. I've tried the following with no luck: canvasTopMargin=0 yAxisNamePadding=0 valuePadding=0 chartTopMargin='0' yAxisValuesPadding=0 canvasPadding='0' Thanks Tony
  2. Has anyone fixed/addressed this problem?? We are planning on releasing another tool that uses FusionchartsXT graphs and the Internet Explorer 8 rendering of the charts is still unusable - 10+ seconds to render. I tried using FusionCharts XT(v3.3.0) (29th January, 2013) -- still extremely slow rendering. Has anyone had and fixed this problem? Thanks Tony
  3. FusionCharts developers - anyone out there? Can someone from the development group take a look at this and offer a solution?
  4. There is a problem with running the Javascript charts in IE8. The rendering of charts with many data points is unusable in an web application. After struggling with our application that uses FusionchartsXT thinking it was our code, I tried the online demos of multi-series line charts at your demo site. Even on the FusionchartsXT demo gallery site, the graph is unusable. Try this: http://www.fusioncha.../#line-and-area Click on the 1st line graph in the 3rd row – "Site hits per hour" and try it in IE8. This works great in IE9, Chrome, Safari, and Firefox. In IE8 is unusable. If you try a chart with much fewer data points, it becomes reasonably usable. It seems to be the render() call and slows down considerably based on the number of data points. I also set up a simple test app on our site and tried a bar chart with the same number of data points, and that was just as slow. I noticed several posts about the XT version and IE8/IE7 with respect to speed, crashes, errors... Has anyone else experienced this slow down? This needs to be fixed / patched. Any help would be appreciated
  5. saving images

    Christian, Have you done any work on the "render image file from swf on the server." issue? I'm using PHP on the server and I also would like to save the JPG file on the server to be used in a PDF. Please update us on your progress - thanks!!! FusionCharts Development Team, this would be a very desirable feature to add. SaveAs is nice, but saving to a server is something that real applications can use. I see more and more "on the fly" PDF creation out there in financial applications that would benefit from the slick looking charts from your package. The problem is that none of the Flash charting packages out there allow saving images to the server. It seems as though there are ways to do this as demonstrated by the Ruby/Rails developer in this forum and by Christian who says he knows how as well. Please consider adding this feature or at least publish the PHP/server side code to do it in this forum. Thanks!!
  6. Thanks for your help - works great!!
  7. "No data to display" Message - Can I change this? How can I do this? Thanks