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  1. Hi Rahul, did not hear anything about this issue. I can offer you a login to the sharepoint site - to check by yourself. Please email me you address to edgar.jung (at) elropro.ch
  2. Hi Rahul, I am using "chart from list" webpart - see attached Edgar
  3. Problem: FusionCharts for e. g. german numberformat is not working. It shows NaN at numbers larger than thousands and decimal places: 1200,35. American Format looks like: 1,200.35, german notation is 1.200,35. 1. Set Sharepoint Site international Code to "GERMAN" 2. Create a list column with 2 or more decimal places 3. Fill in large number with trailing digits (1200,35) 4. Insert Fusion Charts with "Chart from List" Webpart 5. You will see the list is working correct, Fusion Charts is showing incredible values, the output is not usable (because of NaN Values) I have tried - with no solution yet: 1. Transform the list to xslt and insert translate(@field, ",", ".") 2. Cut the List to 0 decimal places (Integer) Solution: There should be a field in Wizzard "Chart from List", to embed the translate function - or better fusion charts shoud read the locale automatically. Regards Edgar