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  1. Thank you in advance for your consideration of this problem. I am implementing a linear gauge from the FusionWidgets library and would like to apply a logarithmic scale to how tick marks and subsequent values are displayed in the linear guage. In my example, most of the values for pointer and trend lines are within the 95 - 100% range. To create an accurate visual representation, I would like to configure the tick marks to be displayed in logarithmic scale. It is valuable to show the 0-25% range, but should only reasonably take up 2% of the total visible range. 25-50% being another 8% of the total visible range; 50-75 being 15%... etc. until 90-95% taking 20% and 95% - 100% being 40%. Is there an approach to achieving this implementation that a user or developer would recommend? Thanks again! Owen