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  1. I have implemented a multi-chart dashboard and I have it running perfectly on one PC. Today I moved it to a notebook so that I can demonstrate it around the company. When I copied the files to the notebook, every chart, radio button, and checkbox stopped working and is eithered greyed out (the buttons and boxes) or displaying the "No data to display" error (the charts). The way I moved the file is to copy the entire folder from one PC to another. The folder is located at the root level (c:/Dashboard) with the Java inside (c:/Dashboard/FusionCharts). It is all client-side hosted...no server involved. I used the dataXML method and used your example ("FusionCharts and JavaScript > Example Application" located here: http://www.fusioncharts.com/Docs/Contents/JS_Example.html) as the template for my dashboard. I am running FusionCharts 3.0.6 as well as FusionWidgets. I have updated Flash on my notebook to version 9. I have also updated Java to the latest version. Any ideas why the dashboard would have broken when all I did was move the entire project from one PC to another?
  2. Is there a way to "link" or "bolt" countries together in existing maps in order to create "regions". In other words, if my company has a region composed of China, Hong Kong, and Taiwan is there a way I can connect those three items to all light up together when the mouse hovers over them and display one piece of data?