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  1. What Is Fusionchart Xt?

    thanks for the prompt reply
  2. What Is Fusionchart Xt?

    What is FusionChart XT? I noticed XT on the home page and cant find a clear explanation of the difference between XT and FC 3.2.x ?? Can you explain?
  3. Firefox not able to print Chart

    I tried out the html5 charts on my iPhone 3gs/ios4 and Firefox 3.6.8 and it looks great. Will this be part of the standard 3.2 release for FC ? tnx
  4. Wind Rose chart / Radar chart

    Thanks for the prompt reply. Hopefully it will make the next version - as there is likely to be an increased requirement for it among all your users during the coming months/years
  5. Hi I would like to recommend inclusion/prioritisation of the wind rose chart into your development plan. From what I can see in the documentation, it is not possible to implement this using the current radar chart - but it is close in some respects. To see what a wind rose chart is just put "wind rose chart" into google. The typical use is to display the distribution of wind directions during a time period. The curent radar chart can do some of this but misses out on vital stuff vs competing charting products. So in summary, if a radar chart is a circular multi-series line chart, then a wind rose chart could be a circular multi-series stacked column chart. (best way of describing it) If it is possibe to achieve this using the radar chart, please let me know. [Otherwise we will have to introduce an alternative solution ] tnx
  6. Vertical led - scale range fixed at 0-100?

    Thanks - it worked ok.
  7. Hi, I am, using vertical led and trying to set the range from 0-5. Have set the min to 0 (lowerLimit='0') and the max to 5 (upperLimit='5'). However, when rendered the range displayed is 0-100. (I verified this by revealing the scale) I have attached a screenshot & xml. The chart is getting the realtime updates ok & the color range coding also works. Code is below(I have inserted the line breaks) and screen shot is attached. (At a value of 4.5 out of a max of 5 I would expect most of the display to be fileld). var chart1 = new FusionCharts("/fusion/charts/FusionCharts/VLED.swf", "ChId0", "40", "100", "0", "1"); chart1.setDataXML("<chart showLimits='1' useSameFillColor='1' decimals='2' adjustTM='1' showTickMarks='0' lowerLimit='0' upperLimit='5' dataStreamURL='xxx.php?probe=leddata%26hosts=2%26metric=load1' showToolTip='1' toolTip='1 Min Load Avg' numberSuffix='' chartLeftMargin='5' chartRightMargin='5' animation='1' dataStamp='1191571200' refreshInterval='13'> <colorRange> <color minValue='0' maxValue='1' code='00FF00' /> <color minValue='1' maxValue='3' code='FFFF00' /> <color minValue='3' maxValue='5' code='FF0000' /> </colorRange></chart>"); chart1.render("chartid0"); How can I get the diplayed Led to only show the range 0-5 instead of 0-100? tnx
  8. Hi It occurred consistently within 5 times of starting/stopping the update. However, it did not always occur if I stopped just once (occasionally crashed on first stop). tnx
  9. Hi I have noticed an issue when starting / stopping the chart update with the real time stacked column chart(Gadgets V3). Firefox consistently crashes - see attached screenshot. I can reproduce the problem as follows: 1. Load the Real-Time Stacked Column Chart demo from your www site. http://www.fusioncharts.com/gadgets/Gallery/RealTimeStColumn1.html 2. start and stop real-time update from the chart menu continually. 3. Firefox crashes as per the screen shot. 4. I appears easier to reproduce when updates are happening vs when there is no update happening to the chart Flash Version: 8,0,22,0 Firefox version: OS: Win Xp with latest updates from M$ I have also noticed the same behaviour with the real-time multi line chart
  10. Surely there is a mouseout event to capture when the mouse leaves the object like in javascript. A couple of points: 1. Users in general wont understand this limitation and will end up in this situation very easily. 2. Regardless of the limitations as you outlined - showing a value of 4.6 when the pointer is at 5 or showing a value of 3.8 when the pointer is at zero (as per the screenshot I attached), must be considered a bug and should be treated as such. I guess you need to redesign the update mechanism. Its generally dangerous to show incorrect information. I would appreciate if you could look into this further. tnx
  11. I noticed a problem with the V3 HLinearGauge.swf showing incorrect values when the mouse is dragging the pointer to change the value. It can be reproduced by dragging the pointer to mid way point on the scale and quickly dragging the mouse off the screen up and to the left. The point goes to the zero position but the value displayed is greater than zero.(see attachment) I have reproduced consistently on Firefox2 and IE6 and using your own demo app (Edit Mode demo with JavaScript integration) I have also included a screenshot of the outcome using your own demo app.
  12. Another suggestion for your customer wish list re: Drag node charts. Is it possible to make sure that the links(lines) between the nodes do not overlap (or at least do not pass underneath another node. Use case: We are trying to construct a process/work flow (something more fancy than a flow chart) but once the number of nodes/flows increases, it is no longer possible to follow visually because the lines go behind other nodes. At the moment it looks like it would be just as easy to achieve this in JS or SVG.
  13. A: Is it possible to scroll the process/task areas in the Gantt chart (Vertically & Horizontally). If not could you add it to your customer wish list ! We find it difficult to fit enough information into one chart disply and scroling may help. B: If it were possible to expand(collapse) columns on the left hand side by double clicking on them, it might also help. C: Similarly, a way of grouping tasks together and expanding(collapsing) them would be useful (similar to a folder tree) D: Having an visual indicator to show that a task extends beyond the window would be a useful feature. (we have implemented a workaround in the interim) E: Are you working on an update for IS/Gantt charts? Thanks FC Fan
  14. Printing broken in Safara and Firefox

    Hi, Just tested out printing on our system on latest release (v3.0.3): Its a big improvement. ***** IE6 ***** 1. In general works better with IE6 with some minor issues (eg pixelated fonts) 2. Does not print at all in Landscape mode at all when we have several charts on the same page => blank area in place of chart ***** Firefox 2 ***** 3. Dont get any Print preview on FF, but does print out (fonts pixelated) 4. on printing we get some problems with multiple charts and cropping. In some cases blank charts Hope this feedback helps. TNX