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  1. Hi, Are there any plans to add this in the future? Thx Ofer Bar
  2. Self Links

    Hi, I want to add a node with id X and then a connector between X and X. Self link = a link to itself. Currently, nothing is displayed when I create the XML for that, so I assume it's not handlded. Is that going to be addressed? Thx Ofer
  3. Self Links

    Any comment on this issue? Thx Ofer Bar
  4. Hi, I've attached a picture with 2 charts. The top is how it looks like now and the bottom is how I want it to look. You can see that the colored area does not reach the top of the graph but there is some blank space (about 50% of the max hight). Is it possible? Thx Ofer Bar
  5. setTreshold problem

    Well, due to the overwhelming responses I had to look for a solution myself. Placing the code in the FC_Rendered() function simply doesn't work! I guess it's a bug of some sort, but anyway the solution is to delay calling setTreshold(). I replaced it with this line of code: 'OnSliderChange()', 1000);And calling setTreshold() inside the event handler OnSliderChange() is now working. I hope others will find this helpful. Ofer Bar
  6. Looking for specific chart

    Hi, I am looking for a chart that will have the following specifications: 1. Combination of Area with Spline. 2. Dual Series 3. Dual Axis I wasn't able to find a chart to support this. Any ideas? Thx! Ofer Bar
  7. Hi, I have a scroll area 2D chart. Currently, the top of the painted area is almost reaching the top of the chart area. I want it to be displayed in the middle of the chart window, so the top half is clear of data color. Is there a way to do that? Thx Ofer Bar
  8. Tooltip on Connector?

    Happy new year all! How can I create a tooltip on a connetor label? Thx Ofer Bar
  9. setTreshold problem

    OK, I found sample code for that. Now I call this code in FC_Rendered() function: var myChart = getChartFromId(g_chartResult.ChartName);myChart.setThreshold(g_chartResult.MinimumTreshold / 100.0); And I can see it is called OK (no error). However, it still doesn't have any effect on the chart look and I can see *all* the links. But when I call it later using an AJAX SliderExtender, it works. Why is that? Thx Ofer Bar
  10. setTreshold problem

    Hi, Thanks for the reply. Is this documented? Do you have sample code? Thx Ofer Bar
  11. setTreshold problem

    Hi, I have a web page includes a PowerChart Drag-Node. When the page loads there is an ASP.NET AJAX call to the server to get the chart data. Then the chart is created. However, when I try to call setTreshold(x) on the newly created chart I get an error: "Object doesn't support this property or method Error" But when I later call this code to change the treshold as response to an event: myChart = getChartFromId('myChartId ');myChart.setThreshold(val / 100.0); It is working fine. I am really puzzled... Is there any way to set the treshhold immediatly after creating the chart? Thanks Ofer Bar
  12. Self Links

    Hi, Is there a way to add a node with a link to itself? (closed loop) When I tries it didn't show anything. Thx Ofer Bar
  13. Working! Great! Seems like a documentation bug... Thanks a lot. Ofer Bar
  14. Hi, Thanks for the reply. I did find the enableLinks attribute. However, setting it to: enableLinks='1' Did not make any change and my chart still starts in Drag mode... any idea why? I've attached the XML below. Regarding the Javascript links, do you have sample code how to do that? Thx! Ofer Bar <chart palette='1' xAxisMinValue='0' xAxisMaxValue='100' yAxisMinValue='0' yAxisMaxValue='100' is3D='1' showFormBtn='0' viewMode='1' enableLinks='1' > <dataset seriesName='ds1' > <set x='50' y='70' width='100' height='56' name='http://demo.company.com/watch?p=14999015112201876290' color='FE8181' id='0' /> <set x='90' y='70' radius='35' shape='polygon' numSides='6' color='FE3233' name='out' id='1' /> <set y='10' radius='35' shape='circle' color='33C1FE' name='http://demo.company.com/watch?p=14628014738401829880' x='5' id='2' link='/Admins/Content/ContentReport.aspx?contentURL=http://demo.company.com/watch?p=14628014738401829880' /> <set y='30' radius='35' shape='circle' color='33C1FE' name='http://demo.company.com/watch?p=15089115202981887561' x='21.11111111111111' id='3' link='/Admins/Content/ContentReport.aspx?contentURL=http://demo.company.com/watch?p=15089115202981887561' /> <set y='10' radius='35' shape='circle' color='33C1FE' name='http://demo.company.com/watch?p=15094415208321888224' x='27.22222222222222' id='4' link='/Admins/Content/ContentReport.aspx?contentURL=http://demo.company.com/watch?p=15094415208321888224' /> <set x='20' y='70' radius='20' shape='circle' name='self' color='FE3233' id='self' /> <set y='10' radius='35' shape='circle' color='33C1FE' name='http://demo.company.com/watch?p=14649214759761832532' x='38.33333333333333' id='6' link='/Admins/Content/ContentReport.aspx?contentURL=http://demo.company.com/watch?p=14649214759761832532' /> <set y='30' radius='35' shape='circle' color='33C1FE' name='http://demo.company.com/watch?p=15078515192301886235' x='54.44444444444444' id='7' link='/Admins/Content/ContentReport.aspx?contentURL=http://demo.company.com/watch?p=15078515192301886235' /> <set y='10' radius='35' shape='circle' color='33C1FE' name='http://demo.company.com/watch?p=15073215186961885572' x='60.55555555555556' id='8' link='/Admins/Content/ContentReport.aspx?contentURL=http://demo.company.com/watch?p=15073215186961885572' /> <set y='30' radius='35' shape='circle' color='33C1FE' name='http://demo.company.com/watch?p=15046715160261882257' x='76.66666666666667' id='9' link='/Admins/Content/ContentReport.aspx?contentURL=http://demo.company.com/watch?p=15046715160261882257' /> <set y='10' radius='35' shape='circle' color='33C1FE' name='http://demo.company.com/watch?p=14988415101521874964' x='82.77777777777778' id='10' link='/Admins/Content/ContentReport.aspx?contentURL=http://demo.company.com/watch?p=14988415101521874964' /> </dataset> <connectors color='FF0000' stdThickness='10' > <connector strength='0.5334' label='53.34%25' from='0' to='1' color='BBBB00' arrowAtEnd='1' arrowAtStart='0' /> <connector strength='0.07730000000000001' label='7.73%25' from='0' to='2' color='BBBB00' arrowAtEnd='1' arrowAtStart='0' /> <connector strength='0.046' label='4.6%25' from='0' to='3' color='BBBB00' arrowAtEnd='1' arrowAtStart='0' /> <connector strength='0.0408' label='4.08%25' from='0' to='4' color='BBBB00' arrowAtEnd='1' arrowAtStart='0' /> <connector strength='0.0356' label='3.56%25' from='0' to='self' color='BBBB00' arrowAtEnd='1' arrowAtStart='1' /> <connector strength='0.0339' label='3.39%25' from='0' to='6' color='BBBB00' arrowAtEnd='1' arrowAtStart='0' /> <connector strength='0.0313' label='3.13%25' from='0' to='7' color='BBBB00' arrowAtEnd='1' arrowAtStart='0' /> <connector strength='0.0304' label='3.04%25' from='0' to='8' color='BBBB00' arrowAtEnd='1' arrowAtStart='0' /> <connector strength='0.0269' label='2.69%25' from='0' to='9' color='BBBB00' arrowAtEnd='1' arrowAtStart='0' /> <connector strength='0.0252' label='2.52%25' from='0' to='10' color='BBBB00' arrowAtEnd='1' arrowAtStart='0' /> </connectors> </chart>
  15. Hi, The links in this demo: http://www.fusioncharts.com/Gallery/DragNode1.html Do not seem to work... How can I use links on nodes that will work? Specifically I want to generate a Javascript event which I will be able to catch and make an AJAX call back to the server. Thx Ofer Bar