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  1. Hi All, My issue is that after looking at the documentation for both fusion and powercharts (I have a license to both) in there is a dynamic redraw function on change of the parent element's size. This works no problem for my bar graph and a few other charts, however with Dragnode despite the fact that I'm passing the exact same parameters the redraw does not work. Here is what I'm passing for the render -> nav.myChart = new FusionCharts(svc.hitFusionChartServerForChartType+"DragNode.swf","navigatorChart", "100%", "100%", "0", "1" ); Any help or clarification would be appreciated, I know how to resize the chart but I don't want to have to look at every possible resize event when the function is native to my other charts. Thanks, Stu
  2. Javascript Links On X-Axis Labels?

    Could you please look at my issue as well, as I have the isHTML style working however I cannot dynamically set the string - Thanks