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  1. Setadaptiveymin Not Working With Ranges

    I would just like to add my vote for this feature as well. I am beating my head against the wall with this exact issue. It's impossible to calculate the y min for the chart because FusionCharts does it adaptively (although if they provided the algo I could do the same). The situation I have is I want a trendzone that colors in all of the chart up to some y number. However, my charts can have deep negative values. As such, even when I give my trendline a startValue of the lowest negative number there is still a fair amount of "buffer" space on the bottom of the chart that isn't filled in. I've tried several formulas to always fill it in (i.e. lowest value * 2.5, lowest value * 2.33), but I inevitably find a chart where the adaptive range is different than this formula and I have unfilled space on the chart. Oh, and if you give your trendline/zone a value lower than the y min of the chart, the entire trendline doesn't show up. (My first thought was to set my startValue to -99999999999. On the flip side if you remove startValue from your trendline XML it just sets it to 0.)
  2. FusionCharts is awesome and I just recently upgraded to 3.2 with the hopes that our backend will now show charts to iPads and such. I seem to have a major issue though. Take a look at the attached images. The one that looks right is when the chart is rendered via Flash and the messed up one (the one without the line) is when I set the renderer to javascript. I have verified that all the files are in the directory and with Flash rendering everything works perfectly. Maybe I am doing something impossible for the JS render? Here's the way I invoke the chart currently: <script type="text/javascript" src="/charts/fusion_charts/Charts/FusionCharts.js"></script> <script type="text/javascript"> FusionCharts.setCurrentRenderer('javascript'); var Daily_chart = new FusionCharts('/charts/fusion_charts/Charts/Line.swf','Daily','100%','250','0','1'); Daily_chart.setDataURL('%2Fchart_daily_stats_xml.php%3Fchart_col%3Dclicks'); Daily_chart.setTransparent(true); Daily_chart.render('Daily_chart'); </script> And here is my XML output: <chart caption="" xAxisName="Day" yAxisName="Clicks" numberPrefix="" numberSuffix="" decimals="2" alternateHGridColor="417FFC" alternateHGridAlpha="20" divLineColor="417FFC" divLineAlpha="50" canvasBorderColor="666666" baseFontColor="000000" lineColor="659E37" showLabels="1" showValues="1" labelDisplay="WRAP" slantLabels="0"> <set label="" value=""/> <set label="Fri Feb 4 2011" value="6942"/> <set label="Sat Feb 5 2011" value="5443"/> <set label="Sun Feb 6 2011" value="5324"/> <set label="Mon Feb 7 2011" value="6388"/> <set label="Tue Feb 8 2011" value="5808"/> <set label="Wed Feb 9 2011" value="5828"/> <set label="Thu Feb 10 2011" value="3513"/> <set label="" value=""/> <trendlines> <line startValue="5606.5714285714" displayValue='Avg' color="AB0619" dashed="1" valueOnRight="1" toolText="Average: 5,606.57"/> </trendlines> </chart>