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  1. I have a couple of requests. The multi-axis charts are close to what I need. However, we are trying to plot a large source of data (1 data point per minute for 24 hours = 1440 points) so the circles on the plot don't make a lot of sense and tend to make the plot look ugly. 1) Can those be removed? 2)I would also like the ability to display multiple items in the roll-overs; currently the rollovers will only display the data point value. We have other data we would like to display here. 3) Also, is there any way to add a "drill-down" feature so that if a certain part of the graph is clicked it opens another graph (could just be a hyperlink) 4) Would be nice if the lines were fatter with the option to do some smoothing of the data points 5) Would also like to be able to change the color of the graph at certain points based on some XML parameter. E.g., suppose a line is green but at time X I want to show the user that something significant happened.....so I turn the graph red. When the event is over, I turn it green again. The red portion would hyperlink (see 3 above) to another plot that I would create. I realize now that this is quite a specific request! But I can't find anything that meets my needs other than doing this custom myself in Flash. I'm also wondering......if I purchase the tool and get the source code, am I getting the Flash source code that would allow me to make changes like the ones I'm describing above? Thanks