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  1. Embedded Charts

    Hello, Thanks for the reply. As requested i have sent an example where the behaviour can be recreated. I must make a correction to my original post though: The text will keep visible after the transition, with or without a background image. Thanks, Jo
  2. Hello, This is my first post on this forum, and I would like to start by congratulate the FusionCharts team for their excelent products, which I am happy to have purchased some months ago. I am new to ActionScript, and in fact I started to play with it a couple weeks ago when I decided to load fusion charts into flash movies, and see what I could do... Although my home is Java, this is a nice feature that makes worth learning some ActionScript (I would prefer that InfoSoft would develop to JavaFX though...). I found a thread on FusionCharts forum that exposed a similar problem to the one I have right now, but I decided to post a new thread on this forum, as I am using FusionGadgets/VBulletChart. Also, I believe that the answer given on that thread missed the original problem, so I will try to explain what happens, and hope for a solution/enlightment/workaround. I load charts into a flash movie as (very well) described in documentation and, at some point of my movie, I want to change the _alpha property of the chart container movie clip, say from 100 to 50, and at a later time, I want to fade out the chart, by changing again the container movie _alpha, this time to 0. I'm using the Tween object to do the transition effects, and it works just fine... except when I have a background image on my top movie (not on the chart). The behaviour described by the author of the mentioned thread happens to me when a background image is present (on the top movie). The chart itself will follow the transition, but all the text in it (caption, subCaption, labels, etc) will stay visible. I believe that remove() and/or reInit() are not on this game: If I call remove() and/or reInit() before I do the Tween, the whole chart will vanish (as I expected), and of course if I hook the Tween onMotionFinished event and call chart.remove() there, the text will remain visible while the chart is fading (not as I expected) and only then will the text dissapear (...I wanted it to fade). I tryed to use Tween with other properties, eg: _x, and I got 5 charts on wheels, text included and all above a background image on the top movie, and that I can say, it was very nice. Am I missing something? Is there some workaround to make this happen? I would be most grateful if I could have a solution for this. Thanks, Joao.