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  1. Map of Europe incorrect

    Hi, Thanks very much for the fast change! My data: Eric Van Hemelryck FusionMaps Developer v3 Order Id is 173270095. My email is [email protected] Thanks again for the prompt service on your wonderfull product! Mahoutsoukai aka Eric Van Hemelryck
  2. Map of Europe incorrect

    Hi, in the Europe Map, Cyprus is still displayed as one country, but in fact there are two: a Greek part and a Turkish part. Is it possible to have this corrected? What has to be done to rectify this? ( Two site licenses depend on this ) Thanks in advance! Mahoutsoukai
  3. ChartBorder still visible when not wanted

    Hi, I can not send the XML as the data is confidential... but I found that when setting showCanvasBorder='1' and canvasBorderColor='xxxxxx' where xxxxxx is the same as the backgroundcolor, my problem is solved... I think that you default to a bevel-like default of 1 pixel when the showCanvasBorder='0' is set... Thanks anyway for the help! Mahoutsoukai
  4. ChartBorder still visible when not wanted

    is already at 0... Mahoutsoukai
  5. ChartBorder still visible when not wanted

    Thanks, but I already used that.... it still shows as you can see! Any other ideas...? Mahoutsoukai
  6. Hi, I am trying to create a chart (or map) with a given background color ( bgColor='xxxxxx' ) but the line surrounding the complete chart ( not the canvas ) is still visible as a 1 pixel line! Can I eliminate this by a command option? Thanks Mahoutsoukai
  7. Title

    Thanks, I got the idea... will try and work something out... Mahoutsoukai
  8. putting tabular matter inside a marker

    Hi, the example above only shows line breaks not tabular output... I suppose the table tag is not supported...? At least I can not get it to work neither in a marker nor in a tooltip... Greetings, Mahoutsoukai
  9. Only show certain tooltips

    I am producing a map of a country and need to have tooltips on some counties and not on some others. Like tooltips on the West Coast states and not on the other states in the US. Is this possible? Setting it to an empty string produces the default tooltip and setting it to a blank produces a blank as tooltip... Any bright ideas?
  10. HTML tags characters appearing "literally" in toolText

    In the text in quotes, you have to replace the angular brackets '<', '>' by their HTML equivalents, i.e. (ampersand)lt; and (ampersand)gt; to make it HTML compatible... then it works for me, anyhow
  11. Supplied JavaScript Example does not work

    Running it from a server makes it work!! What is the reason that it does not when called from IE7 directly from the downloaded environment? Sorry, found it in another post!!!! Case closed! Thanks, Eric
  12. Title

    What I would like is to explain the data of a selected country in the top left corner of the map, presented with the map of the country and the name in a box Eric PS: sorry have no means of copying a prototype... but each time the selection changes the content of the box should change ( this I can do by setDataXML, once I get it to work )
  13. The example provided in the delivery of the JavaScript alert box, does not work when used as provided... Nor does an application developed along the same lines. I just call up the in IE7 directly, and the setDataURL does not work... states that 'Object does not support this property or method' Can you help please?
  14. Title

    Is it possible to have a title box or textfield on the map? Something like a marker with a label,, but I turned markerLabels of for the rest of the map... Thanks in advance!