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  1. How to check version number

    Hi Sure - but to get to that point you need to have installed it somewhere I'm talking about looking at the files you have vs the ones you've just downloaded (which look identical) and working out whether you need to update at all...? Could you not just put the version number in the downloaded folder name? Cheers John
  2. How to check version number

    Bump :-) I've just downloaded 4 x updates and there's nothing obvious in either the downloaded zip file name or the contents (as far as I can see) to indicate which version I've got. This makes life unnecessarily confusing! Cheers John
  3. Bullet graphs - scale limits

    Pallav - Just to say thanks publicly for your help with this issue offline. Very impressive!! John
  4. Bullet graphs - scale limits

    Hi Pallav - If it's off the left (-ve in my case) don't show it at all, if it's off the right (> scale max) show it as max. In both cases report the actual value though. I know that this is not "ideal" but it's the least worst option in this scenario IMHO! How do others handle this : I only want to graph the "normal" range of values so multiple values can be easily compared on a dashboard - but what to do with data that falls outside the normal range?? The fact that the data is out of range will be indicated by an alert icon separately... I suppose hiding the graph is another alternative that I hadn't previously considered... Thanks for your assistance in PM too!! John
  5. OK - I'll do that. Just thought that a trendline ought to be taken into account when auto-setting the axis values. As you say I can easily loop through the data and check myself... Thanks John
  6. I am generating a sparkline with a target line. The target line represents a limit that the values are not supposed to breach. It's fine if any of the values "cross" the target line, but if not - as below - the scale for the chart is not automatically chosen to show the target line... I think I can workaround by checking for the largest value and setting yAxisMaxValue... Bug? Thanks John
  7. After debate with Pallav it appears that the lowerLimit and upperLimit values are only respected if the value falls within that range. In order to have proper control over the display of a series of graphs I would like some way to enforce these limits in ALL cases and effectively ignore values that fall below the limit and allow values that are above the upper limit to "fall off the end" of the graph whilst still reporting the correct figure as the value. Setting the scale for server generated data to cope with all possible values results in unuseable charts. Having scales resize arbitrarily makes it impossible to compare a series of graphs intuitively... Scaling the data to fit within the limits results in inaccurate values being reported... Thanks John