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  1. In some "fixed-y-axis" series, there's a high chance of two or more series having the same value at the same x. With the same sized anchors, only the top serie will be visible, covering the other series. Is there any way of enabling all of the series to display their tooltext when hovering the top anchor? Let's for example say that we're listing the top yearly sales month for 10 products over 10 years, where 1 represents January and 12 December. Most likely, the 10 different products will often have the same "top sales" month. If i where to hover, let's say December, i would only see one of the series on that point. How can i instead show a stack of all tooltexts available for that point when hovering? Regards Peter
  2. Image anchor

    Is there any other method to label certain events in an MSLine chart? (See an example here: http://www.google.com/trends?q=charts)
  3. Image anchor

    Hi, I need it for my MSLine chart. Since i'm plotting sales data, i need to be able to mark down events where marketing campaigns etc.. might have affected the trends. Best Regards Peter
  4. Image anchor

    I'm interrested in marking some dates in my graphs with event-icons related to the dates. Is it possible to acheive this by creating a hidden series with custom image anchors? Best Regards Peter
  5. toolText and available variables

    Hi, thanks for your reply! I notice now that my post wasn't rendered as i expected, since i used '>' and '<' tags. What i wanted is to be able to create any syntaxed label out of my variables. The reason for this is that i want to set n/a for all values higher than 50. But still display the SeriesName and CategoryName. Regards
  6. The toolText for Multi-series will by default show "<Series Name>, <Category Name>, <Data Value>". Is there any possibility to use these values in a custom toolText. Let's say for example I needed to create a toolText as: "Hello World: <Category Name> - <Series Name>", how can this be achieved? Best regards Peter
  7. Dataset anchorSides

    Is there any way to hire a fusioncharts developer to create this functionality, or should i try hireing an outside developer? Best Regards Peter
  8. Dataset anchorSides

    The reason for me wanting the anchorSides is to enable grayscale printing of my charts, and still have some way to distinguish specific datasets/series. Hence, I also need the specific anchorSides where the dataset names are printed. I have tried setting it for the element, but that only seem to apply to the set-anchors. Thank you for your time! Regards Peter
  9. I can't seem to set a data URL that contains URL parameters. E.g: chart.setDataURL("data.php?gender=male&from=usa"); The above statement will not fetch the data with the parameters, but instead trim it down to run as: chart.setDataURL("data.php"); How can I use parameters in my data URLs ?