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  1. Hello, Thanks for your reply. I have hosted the website in the server and I am trying to do client side exporting using Javascript. Is this what you mean by running from the local file system. I am not sure of this classification. Kindly clarify. If it is from the local file system should I have to change it to server side to solve this issue or have the users to configure the Global Security Settings? But it was all working until the new patch was puched. I am guessing the patch that coused the issue could the patch of Adobe Flash Player --Hari
  2. This issue seems to be caused by a patch (i am guessing that it could the Abode Flash patch) they recently pushed to all the laptops from the company. As this works in a computer which is not owned by our company. Need help on this. Regards, Hari
  3. Hello, We have fusion charts V3 in several of our applications with the exporting feature. All of the sudden from last week the exporting feature is not working. We were able to right click the chart and say "Generate JPG", the chart shows the generate progress bar and shows the save button. But on click of save button is not brining up the save dialog box. I tired this in different machines & different browsers doubting the issue could be Flash version. But it is not working in any of the machine. We couldn't even export the sample chart from the FusionChart website from the link below. http://www.fusioncharts.com/Code/ExportChartSamples/ClientSide/SimpleExampleCustom.html The flash version I have in my machine is Please let me if you have any clue on this issue. Regards, Hari
  4. Hello all, I have two charts (one MSLine & one MSCombiDY2D) in a single webpage build in ASP. NET. I have enabled the export features using one to one export option. The export button works fine in other browsers like FF, Chrome, Safari except for IE (tried in both 7 & 8). In IE, the button is not getting enabled after right clicking the chart and click Generate JPG/PNG/PDF. I have a single chart in another webpage in which the export works fine in all browsers. I have spend lot of hours fixing this issue. Can somebody please give me any clue on what could be this? Thanks in advance.