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  1. Hi, In my linear gauge, I have one situation where user wants value to be greater than the upper limit. In such a case, Linear gauge is auto adjusting itself to nearest upper limit so that, value becomes less that upper limit. For e.g. I have lower limit = 0, upper limit = 20 and value = 25. I want to show pointer beyond the upper limit. But when linear guage renders, it auto adjusts its upper limit to 30, which is not expected. Is there any setting which will prevent this auto adjustment. Please let me know. Thanks, Atul
  2. Hi Angie, Thanks for prompt reply. Regarding your second answer, my annotations are getting rendered behind the color ranges. I am not able to display them near Target and Value. I want to say something like - Current 10 (where value bar ends) and Potential 23 (near target ring ) Text gets hidden behind the color ranges it self. So I have to put them at the bottom and made them look like legends. Is there a way to bring those text fields appear above color ranges? Please let me know. Thanks, Atul.
  3. Hi, We have purchased the FusionWidgets. We have integrated Bullet Chart in our application. I have two questions We want to add tooltip for target and value elements. Right now, it shows just values, is there a way to customize it? For now I have added Text annotation to display custom message, but those annotations don't get displayed neat Target and Value Object so I had to put them at the bottom.Is there a way to show text annotation on top of Target and Value object? Please reply as soon as possible, as its a urgent requirement. Thanks, Atul
  4. Cannot change colorRange on Bullet Graph

    Hi FusionCharts team, I had the same problem and it got fixed by replacing color with code. However, your documentation for the bullet charts hasnt been updated as promised by you. Please update it as soon as possible so that other users dont face the same issue again. Thanks, Atul