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  1. Negative Coordinates

    Hi I have few images which I need to plot on fusion chart. To do this, I am getting each image details(like id of the image,X coor,Y coor values to plot) in the XML file.With this XML file I am able to Plot on the chart. But my problem here is my X,Y coor values are negative. Why they are coming as negative values.? Can image pixels be in Negative values also?? Please Leave your suggestions to help me Thank You
  2. Mysql Data To Fusioncharts

    Hi.. Yeah,if u see the screenshot attached, u can find that i have selected 3plots on the chart and the corresponding details(like id,etc) of those 3 plots are displayed at the bottom like INVEQ324_7,INVEQ324_37,INVEQ324_62. I want to save these 3 details back to a separate xml file or somehow i want to save these details.How can i do this? Hope you clear with my question :) Thank You.
  3. Mysql Data To Fusioncharts

    Yeah I made use of XML files.I am able to get the data records in xml file and plot also. But I have one more doubt too. I am able to select (by dragging) one plot on chart and display the corresponding 'id' details of the selected plot.But i want to get back the selected plot details(ie. want to save the selected plot details) into an xml file or some document.How can i do this? which funtion will be helpful?? Thank You.
  4. Mysql Data To Fusioncharts

    Hey..Yeah.. I can plot the Sql DB also.. Thankz to U n fusioncharts..!!
  5. Mysql Data To Fusioncharts

    Hey thank you so much for the reply !! The link is really good,useful. But there is nothing like MySql related topics in that. I need to plot the Mysql database to fusion charts.Can we?? Thank You.
  6. Hi.. I have a MySql database with images (datatype used is Blob) in it. Can I plot these database records into a fusion chart?? Is that possible?? If so how can i do that?? Thanks !!
  7. Fusion Charts And Jsp

    Hey ya offcourse I saved all the images in same domain..
  8. Fusion Charts And Jsp

    Hi.. I have developed a web application in netbeans and used fusion charts to plot the images onto the chart. It is working fine and these charts were very good. Now I am trying to run/deploy my application from someother machine with the URL( This url contains the IP address of where the application present).In this case the url is able to upload the images and send to server machine( i.e my machine where the application is present) but i am not able to plot these images into fusion chart. WHY??? I am able to plot the images uploaded from my system but not for the other system's uploaded images...Where the Problem might be?? Any suggestions?? Thnaks in Advance !!