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  1. White Space Problem In The Set Name

    Thanks for taking care of it. I will be waiting for your response. I just love FC bcoz of it features and support
  2. White Space Problem In The Set Name

    Oh God! Do you have any idea why it is coming different in my computer? I am using Chrome 12x on Mac OSx.
  3. White Space Problem In The Set Name

    Hi, Yeah I see it is fine on your screenshot. Moreover, just now I've discovered that it is working for other names like 'United States' and so on. But still 'American Samoa' is not working. In our graph, Amercian Samoa is placing at the rightmost bars. May that be a reason? In the private message, I am sending you the actual URL where you can see it. Thanks Update: No PM system ? I sent you the link via report tool. Thanks
  4. White Space Problem In The Set Name

    Hi, I am using the following XML to produce a bar chart. In this set, Tooltip and clickable link is working fine. But the set's name in chart is not showing the text after whitespace: The name is 'American Samoa'. But in the chart it is showing only 'American'. From php, I tried to urlencode. But that showing 'American+Samoa' in chart; it is not URL Decoding. Please check the attachment to see how it actually look. any help? thanks in advance!
  5. Making Bar (Set) Clickable

    hi angie, i have another problem. please see the screenshots. I have tried reading many other solutions in your site Including but none matched my problem . See that the left-bottom part is chopped. Part of text 'arab ' is chopped. more texts is chopped if the label is longer. can you help? Thanks
  6. Making Bar (Set) Clickable

    Angie, Thank you very much. I am impressed to see how fusioncharts provides lots of alternatives to link. But don't know why I did not find this page when I searched it. Thanks a lot
  7. Making Bar (Set) Clickable

    hi, i have created a chart. I need to make the bar clickable which I did using 'link' attribute. please the following: <set link='TARGET_LINK' name='Brazil' value='1300000' color='C753A7' /> Issue is that TARGET_LINK is opening on current window. I need to open it on new window. ('_blank'). Can it be done? Thanks