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  1. Got it working. Thanks for the help!
  2. hey daniel, i have the same problem on my end. i actually have a post below yours. i just purchased fusion charts last week and i cannot figure out what i need to do to get the retail version working. to recap, if i run the included samples on my local machine, they render just fine. however, if i upload them to my server, they do not render. the evaluation version works both on my local machine and server. i am at a complete loss as to what to do now.
  3. Sudipto Choudhury, The fusion charts swf does not render at all. This means there is a blank area where the swf should be displaying. I can show you. Please visit: http://www.addher.com/Gallery/Column3D.html This is a sample html page that is included w/ the fusion charts package. I did not modify the page in any way. If I replace the swf w/ a evaluation version, the swf will correctly load. Thanks, Halbert
  4. I cannot get the retail version of fusion charts working on my server. I've even tried uploading the samples that are included onto my site and they do not work. The problem I am having is that the swf does not get rendered at all...it just displays a blank white spot where the swf should be. If I replace the retail swf w/ the evaluation version, it works. Any help would be appreciated. On a side note, the fusion charts do work on my local machine. Thanks!