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  1. Invalid Xml Data For Large Amounts Of Data

    Want to share my solution to the problem. Turns out I was using an old version of Firefox (1.0.4) that randomly shows some charts and doesn't show others, installing and *CURRENT* browser works hehe... Thanks for the aid
  2. Charts Showing Only On Flash Version

    Thank you for your help, I discovered that the *many* charts were using the same datasource file, and that file had the <? xml ?> tag and some meta tags at the beginning and removing that fixed my problem . Maybe the meta tags were the problem and not the XML tag, but that was the solutino for me in case anyone else had the same problem
  3. Charts Showing Only On Flash Version

    Sorry, I can't send a Screenshot or live link but the problem happens on opera 11.11 for PC, iPhone 4 safari, and blackberry OS6 browser. I think I'm using 3.2.1 (or something of the sort) not evaluation.
  4. I have a couple of charts on a website and, initially I had problems with some of the charts not rendering on my website because my "XML data was invalid."... turns out I was using a very old version of Firefox on my Dev PC and installing a new browser fixed it and all of my charts are showing up now. Now I configured my charts to fallback to javascript if the client doesn't support Flash and am having some problems with the javascript charts now. I get an "Invalid data" message instead of a rendered chart... this happens only on some of them, for security reasons I can't post the code or output XML but I know it's definitely not the XML since ALL of my charts work on Flash. Can someone help me out with this? - Adrian
  5. Invalid Xml Data For Large Amounts Of Data

    Maybe it's a bad installation, non-flash charts aren't working either... I just copied over the FusionCharts folder and replaced the old one with the new JS file, is there something I could've missed?
  6. Invalid Xml Data For Large Amounts Of Data

    Hi, I apologize for the lateness but only recently I had a chance of retrieving the things you requested. The invoked dataURL was the following: myDataFile.php?FCTime=218. The XML provided by the invoked URL is attached and the chart area is small for a screenshot to be actually useful, but I attached the output as a TXT file. Please help me with this XML.xml DebugOutput.txt
  7. Invalid Xml Data For Large Amounts Of Data

    I can't send you a pic right now, but it says that my XML is malformed (I validated and it's well-formed). I'll try to get you a pic, hope this helps in the meantime. I'm also using a php file as a dataUrl datasource.
  8. Invalid Xml Data For Large Amounts Of Data

    Hi Angie, it's a line chart. It's just very strange that I can't get it to work... also if I remove the labels, it allows up to 150ish entries and then stops working again :/
  9. I'm getting the following error "Invalid XML Data" for a datasource since I upgraded to 3.0 from an older version. It shows about 300 entries of data and worked perfectly on the older version and now it doesn't. I started moving the data around and noticed that when the data count hit 71, it worked but as soon as it hit 72 it stopped working. I uploaded both xmls and I didn't notice any difference between them except for the additional row with no special characters or anything. Is there something I'm doing wrong here? Thanks in advance Working.xml NotWorking.xml