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  1. Out of memory error multiple charts

    Hi, I have been experiencing the same problem as Bobby when using two graphs on the same page, both in my own application and also using the example he supplied. I only downloaded the trial of FusionCharts two days ago so I have the latest version of the js file. I've found that if I install the example code on a Win2K server and attempt to refresh the page from a workstation, then I see the out of memory error. However, if I run the same code from the C drive of the same workstation, then the error does not occur. If I log on to the server and invoke the page from IIS Manager, then I do not see the error. I have tested on other workstations and experienced the same problem. In the above cases, both charts were registered with Javascript. If only one graph is registered with Javascript, then it works correctly in all cases. I am going to zip and send the tested code to your support email account. Thanks, Peter