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  1. I have a task-list in my Sharepoint 2010 Foundation that contains a number of tasks that have the usual status values (not started, in progress, completed...) How do I configure the chart to have it pick up the number of tasks in each status? Since theres no actual value in the data that says 55 tasks in state: not started I can't get that data. Will there be a "view count" option in the upcoming releases? Looking forward working with the product!
  2. This was exactly what I was looking for! The ability to count the number of items. Thank you so much!
  3. Hi! I'm afraid that this doesn't solve my problem since there's no actual numeric value in the status row to display. I need to count the number if each status and display the result of the count as a value. In the attached image I have five rows of data and I want to show that there are 2 items in Compete, 1 item in Not Started and so on. Is there a function within the webpart to make this count or do I have to build a logic in between the data source and FusionCharts that calculates the count and write it in "clear text" in a separate column for FusionCharts to read from?