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  1. Can you elaborate as to what this error is/was? What version of FusionCharts XT is it fixed in?
  2. Dispose A Map

    What was the resolution to this? I do see that fusionmaps 3.2 will have a dispose() function, but what about the current release? Is there an equivalent?
  3. Fusionmaps In Android

    Sumedh, I appreciate your response. This however does not work on Android 2.2 framework. The map will show up, but the alert popup never fires. Do you have any other workarounds or suggestions? Thanks
  4. Fusionmaps In Android

    Sumedh, thanks for the response. Would you be able to paste here your xml and corresponding JS so I could compare? Thanks
  5. Fusionmaps In Android

    Good morning, I am developing an application for the Android environment using phonegap/jquery mobile. I am currently developing in the Android 2.2 framework. With that being said, I am trying to use the fusionmaps product within a few of my html pages. I am able to successfully display the map and pass it the data to render. What I am having trouble with is how to use the Javascript call function as described in the documentation. I have used both <entity id='NA' value='515' link="JavaScript:myJS('NA, 515');"/> and <set label='USA' value='235' link="j-myJS-NA,515"/> but have not had any success. I have also tried to use just the link="details.html" in my xml, but it appears that when doing this, android will open up a new page that is outside of the jquery mobile ajax navigational train, so I lose my place when navigating to the new page. Has anyone else encountered this? If so, what steps have you taken to work around this? Or, even better, is there a way to call a JS function when clicking on an entity as I described above? Any help would be greatly appreciated! Chris
  6. Jquery Mobile

    Yea, us too. Its rather disappointing to have to do that to get around it. If you find a solution that gets around this, please post here and let me know, I'll do the same, likewise.
  7. Jquery Mobile

    My problem stems from transitioning from one page to the other, which may or may not be the problems others are experiencing here. If I transition via jquery mobile, the javascript will not fire, so the chart will not load. If i directly link to the page, the chart loads fine because the javascript will load. If these are some of the problems others are experiencing, you can read here. I haven't found a solution yet, but maybe someone knows... Chris
  8. Jquery Mobile

    Can you describe what your solution was? i'm having a similar issue.
  9. Fusionwidgets On Iphone?

    While on the topic of html5 and the suite of Fusioncharts, any word on FusionMaps and when that will be available? Thanks, Chris