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  1. Hi, Is it possible in any way (or will it be in the future) to activate a feature on the charts from the FusionCharts products that will allow to select and copy the text that is displayed in the flash charts (like the labels for the x and y axes and the values associated with different chart elements). I saw this feature available in some other charting solutions and our business users think that it's useful sometimes to copy and paste some of the charts text values when they want to write some messages talking about the reports or things like this. Thanks, John.
  2. saving images

    Hi, I'm interested also in the server side saving of the chart's image. Same as one of the previous posts, I would need to do an export in a pdf file of web pages that should include also the images of the flash charts that are embedded in that page. Is there any solution for this? Did anybody try something like this within a Java/JSP or similar Java environment? Thanks in advance, John.