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  1. Hi, Can we set and get XML data(a String value) as a session attribute in jsp eg: <jsp:include page="Includes/FusionChartsHTMLRenderer.jsp" flush="true"> <jsp:param name="chartSWF" value="Charts/Pie2D.swf" /> <jsp:param name="strURL" value="" /> <jsp:param name="strXML" value= "<%=(String)session.getAttribute("strxml")%>" /> <jsp:param name="chartId" value="myFirst" /> <jsp:param name="chartWidth" value="600" /> <jsp:param name="chartHeight" value="300" /> <jsp:param name="debugMode" value="false" /> </jsp:include>
  2. Hello , I was recently introduced to FusionCharts. According to FusionChartsv3 documentation, I hav seen a sample code...why u hav used a js file inside a html page?