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  1. Save as PNG

    We loved the new Save as Image functionality in FusionCharts, but we wanted PNG files instead of JPEG. Some minor changes to FusionChartsSave.cs later and we had working PNG exporting. The new code is attached to this post, no changes were made to the aspx file, but it's included in the zip anyway for futureproofing. fusioncharts save as
  2. Great idea for labels

    Hi Bubbler, It's an interesting concept, but I think it's more of a shortcut for something you could do already quite easily by hand. I don't think there should be too much of this kind of logic in FusionCharts itself - that's what you're using PHP/.Net/etc for. With the tooltips you can pass in whatever you like as a string, so you could just prepare the string beforehand in your serverside code and get what you're after. I've done the following myself in the past: This is leveraging the StringBuilder in .Net, of which "output" is an instance, but that's not important here. Note instead how the "toolText" attribute value is built out of both a percentage value (token 1), and the absolute value (token 2), separated with a hyphen. This kind of thing will always be much more flexible in your application code, not the FusionCharts built-in logic.
  3. Is there any schedule for implementing zooming? The kind of zooming found in Emprise JavaScript Charts would be extremely welcome! See here: Try using the mousewheel while the cursor is over a chart, and dragging an area of the chart to zoom into. EDIT: This would ideally be available across all products, not just FusionGadgets.
  4. Export to JPEG

    If you're interested in exporting FusionCharts as PNG instead of JPEG, we've modified the webservice to do so. Details in this thread.