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  1. I upgraded to the new gadgets. Nice job! Here's my chart tag which started out as a v2 chart. I did clean it up some but all in all, every upgrade worked great. The only issue I'm having is in this chart, showFCMenuItem='0' seems to have no effect. It works in cylinder and linear, but not in funnel. Did this get left out by accident?
  2. So, the wording on the website needs to be changed to "Flash 8" instead of "Flash 8 or above"? I have a tremendous amount of backtracking to do to get the rest of this application backed up into version 8... Crud.
  3. Following the instructions on http://fusioncharts.com/Docs/Index.html under Overview. I first encountered errors with the include statements. I found that removing the # signs from in front of the two includes stopped those errors. I then started getting errors with the extend statement in the various class definitions. I added the path in front of those class defines such as: class com.fusioncharts.core.SingleYAxis2DVerticalChart extends com.fusioncharts.core.SingleYAxis2DChart Which took me to the next one with the same issue, SingleYAxis2DChart, then the same with SingleYAxisChart. Those errors ended up until Chart. I'm now getting this error and don't know what to do? SingleYAxisChart.as, Line 14 1017: The definition of base class Chart was not found. class com.fusioncharts.core.SingleYAxisChart extends com.fusioncharts.core.Chart It doesn't matter if I set it back to class com.fusioncharts.core.SingleYAxisChart extends Chart it still can't be found. It does seem sure that the path info is needed as I get nowhere until I fix that. Perhaps something is wrong with the include statements mentioned earlier. Have these functions/classes been tested with CS3 products? I noticed the instructions said to use Flash 8 or above, but made no mention of anything beyond Action Script 2.0 such as 3.0. Thanks, John Hinton
  4. PHP and customObjects

    PHP5 and Flash 8. I am using the html from the examples site to create a linear graph from the code below. Running the same code when not generated by PHP works. If I comment out the 'object' tag from below, the script runs. When I try to use this, I eventually get a flash failure warning. I get the same results in both MSIE and Firefox. I'm left wondering if there is some interference with the new Object model in PHP5? Here is my PHP xml generation code. Again, I'm running this using the provided html for this chart, with only the xmlurl changed to xmldata.php so that this executes. [? echo "[Chart upperLimit=100' lowerLimit='0' decimalPrecision='0' numberSuffix='%25' chartLeftMargin='15' chartRightMargin='15' chartTopMargin='5' chartBottomMargin='5' bgAlpha='20]"; echo "[colorRange]"; echo ""; echo ""; echo ""; echo "[/colorRange]"; echo "[value]33[/value]"; echo "[customObjects]"; echo " [objectGroup xPos=0' yPos='0' showBelowChart='1]"; echo " [object xpos='15' ypos='10' toxpos='235' toypos='32' type='rectangle' fillAsGradient='1' fillColor='009900,FFDD22,CC0000' fillAlpha='100,50,100' fillRatio='1,59,40' radius='0' /]"; echo " [/objectGroup]"; echo "[/customObjects]"; echo "[/Chart]"; ?]