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  1. The problem is as follows: I have a stacked area chart and I want the user to be able to click on the areas instead of the data plots. This way, it is easy for the user to point his/her mouse instead of looking for the plot (which is on the top of the area) Can you please advice on how to solve this problem? Thanks
  2. Printing broken in Safara and Firefox

    I have the same issue. The print option is not functional at all. I think this is a bug that needs to be fixed as soon as possible. Thanks
  3. Charts printing

    I used all the possibilities I have to print the charts. I used the browser print function and also the print from the charts menu. Same results :-(
  4. Right Click Bug in IE

    It was fixed, thanks. I had the menu parameter set to False,
  5. Charts printing

    Hello, I don't know if this is a bug or just a configuration issue. When I try to print a chart in fusioncharts V3. The right side of it doesn't fit in my paper. I tried to resize it and everything but always the same problem. Have anyone had this same problem ? Thanks,
  6. Right Click Bug in IE

    The "param"s won't show. I don't know how to fix that Sorry
  7. Right Click Bug in IE

    Apparantly the content of str didn't show. Sorry, I am re-sending it again. I hope it will work.
  8. Right Click Bug in IE

    Can you please post the HTML code you're using to embed the chart? <? query="module=" +module +"%26month=" + month + "%26day=" + day + "%26year=" + year + "%26chart=" + chart + "%26scale=" + scaleh + "%26field1=" + field1 + "%26field2=" + field2 + "%26field3=" + field3 + "%26field4=" + field4 + "%26field5=" + field5 + "%26field6=" + field6; str = "" + "" + "" + " " + " " + " echo(str); ?> FlashVars="" quality="high" bgcolor="#EEF2FB" WIDTH="750" HEIGHT="350" NAME="FusionCharts" ALIGN TYPE="application/x-shockwave-flash" PLUGINSPAGE=""> Also, what version of IE and Flash Player do you have? IE : 6.0.2900 Flash Player : 9 There are other "minor" bugs that I noticed concerning both Firefox and IE but Let's go step by step. Otherwise, when it comes to charts, I have never seen a product as good as yours. Thanks,
  9. Printing a Chart

    Hi, My problem is that when I print a chart it gets cut on the left side. I tried to print it in many ways but alsways the same problem. I didn't notice that problem with Fusion Charts v2.3 but It's frequent in v3. Does anyone else have the same problem ? Thanks,
  10. Right Click Bug in IE

    This bug concerns all the charts and we can't use the rotation functionality in IE when using a Pie Chart (For instance). Is there a fix for that ? Cheers,