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  1. Export to JPEG

    I'm using a Mac, and tried Firefox and Safari. Still doesn't work... Of course I could always choose the print function from the context menu, but lets get real and say "that won't work", as I'm trying to automate the creation of a dashboard. I've gone round and round on the boards, and have found another page where you guys told us about the only ratios that print. That's simply ludicrous. For me, having a pie chart that is less than 2 inches around is simply stupid. Too small for anybody to read. You guys really have to figure out a solution for many of us who are trying to use your product to automate the creation of a dashboard. Simply providing a solution for websites is good, but a many number of us are trying to solve another problem.
  2. Export to JPEG

    I've been struggling with simply printing an HTML page that contains FusionCharts to a PDF, with no luck. Despite the fact that FusionCharts folks say this is possible, I've been unable to get it to work. Even if I go to one of your pages: A live demo is at http://www.fusioncharts.com/GalleryChart.asp?id=1 And print to PDF, or looking at the preview functionality, the graph just doesn't appear. Any idea why?
  3. Use of vLine or equivalent

    I simply want to add special notes to my chart given a particular date along the x axis. Rather than saving the chart and adding the special indicator with photoshop, I'm trying to automate it with fusioncharts. Right now I'm using vlines at each date, and that works well, only I need a key to tell me which colored line means what. Kind of wacky. Rather, I'd love for a vline to have a caption associated with it, but that doesn't seem to exist. So, got any ideas? If the multi-series charts supported a scatter plot, I could put the "note" exactly where I'd like to, but that doesn't seem to exist either. What else should I try? Thanks.
  4. I have a chart where on one day, we had an abnormally high spike in traffic, which just means that I have some data I wish to ignore. So, my chart shows the number of page views along the y axis, and the date on the x axis. For ONE day, I have data pass the 10k range, whereas the rest are around the 2k range. So, what I'd like to do is to let the 10k data be presented, but zoom in on the chart so I only show the range of 1k to 5k, letting the 10k shoot past the top of the chart. Sounds simple, so I figured that I could set the yAxisMaxValue to 5k, but it doesn't work. My guess is, based on other posts in this forum, is that even though I set a max value, and even though I say adjustDiv='0', it will still correct. What else can I do (other than modifying the data I send in)? Thanks