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  1. Save Image Issues

    Thanks Pallav it works now
  2. Save Image Issues

    I'm having issues with saveAsImage() with our funnel chart. The problem is, even though I specify in the XML imageSave and imageSaveURL I do not seem to get anything on the frontend. In debug mode it tells me the funnel is version 3.0.0.
  3. Charts cause script execution to hang

    Not publically on the forum, if you have a mail address I can send you login details and tell you how to use the system.
  4. In our current setup we use both FusionCharts 3 and FusionGadgets along with ExtJS. Now what happens is in our interface we have tabs which are linked to IFRAMES and you can switch between the two. Now with FusionCharts 3 we can open multiple tabs and switch between them with no issue, however, if we open a page with a FusionGadget on and then say a FusionChart page the flash player hangs and then later asks us to terminate the script. Has anyone encountered anything like this and could help/point me in the right direction?