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  1. Receiving Warnings When Hovering with Version 3.15.2

    Let me get a copy and see what happens. Will keep you posted.
  2. After refreshing a chart by using a dispose() method followed by redefining and recreating the fusionchart I'm getting the following warning when hovering or moving the cursor over the 'updated' chart.: Uncaught TypeError: this._env is undefined This is on line 13 of fusioncharts.js This is for version 3.15.2. Seems that the function is falsely assuming that the value exists. So, there are no bounds checking going on.
  3. Just Updated to 3.15.2 and clone() No Longer Working

    Okay, figured it out. I not only had to clone the chart, but insert the data: <snip> var newPanel = charts[panel].clone(); var chart_xml = charts[panel].originalDataSource; newPanel.setXMLData(chart_xml); newPanel.render('fullscreen') newPanel.resizeTo(width, height); <snip>
  4. Just Updated to 3.15.2 and clone() No Longer Working

    Ayan, Just getting back to this now. I think I see the problem. The chart that was properly cloned (I guess), but the "originalDataSource" value is set to undefined. On the original chart, the originalDataSource was populated via a callback with XML data. Do I have to grab the data again via a callback, or is there a way to clone that data as well? Larry
  5. Just Updated to 3.15.2 and clone() No Longer Working

    How can I do that using the I don't see a way to include that version of the library.
  6. Just Updated to 3.15.2 and clone() No Longer Working

    I did multiple things Ayan and nothing worked. The big change that I did was label the object using the following: FusionCharts({ id: 'chart_pane_id', ... }); As soon as I name the ID of the object using that call, the clone basically starts complaining that it can not find data and says no data to display even though when I use the debugger, the parent dom object has the right ID and the FusionCharts(chart_panel_id) returns object as expected. The clone simply fails, the resize just fails. Could it be that the use of the JSON tag "id" though it works, is not supported? By the way, I was able to clone the SVG using jQuery just fine and insert it, but then I lost the ability to resize Basically: var chartObject = $('#chart_panel_id') $(''#fullscreen').html(chartObject);
  7. Just Updated to 3.15.2 and clone() No Longer Working

    That's what I used as the model for the clone() in the first place, and thanks for that. It was working prior to the update to 3.15.2. Let me have a look though. Before I was searching the DOM for the chart object, and I did not assign and "id" in the "new FusionCharts({})" call of the parent object. So, there were other changes. But it's presently close to the jsfiddle example.
  8. I've just recently upgrade from 3.11.x to 3.15.2 and it solved a "massive" memory leak, so thanks. However, when I try to clone() a chart now, either by the charts Id or through it's variable name, it's coming back with no data to display. Code looks something like this: <snip> if (FusionCharts(chartid)) { //var newPanel = FusionCharts(chartid).clone(); var newPanel = charts[panel].clone(); newPanel.render('fullscreen') newPanel.resizeTo(width, height); } <snip> The array charts[panel] holds the chart object, but you can see the line above the clode, which was the way I was cloning it before upgrading. Tried both way and nada. Thanks, TheWitness
  9. Very Large Box and Whisker Datasets

    That is correct. We will offline calculate the various data points (min, max, median, average, 1-quartile, 3-quartile, etc.) in a daily ETL process. That way the UI can be very responsive to all subsequent user requests. The data will go from tens of millions of records per day, to tens of thousands of pre-calculated records per day, and for the specific graphing function, dozens of records.
  10. Very Large Box and Whisker Datasets

    I will contact the sales organization to log a feature request. It is not practical to pass millions of data points over httpd.
  11. Very Large Box and Whisker Datasets

    You have no idea how disappointed I am. Since we are under support, is it possible to modify the source to allow us to modify the behavoir? This chart is exactly what we need, but our record set's are just too large to be passing over a httpd connection. Without being able to pass the calculated values directly, this chart becomes USELESS... Sadly. So, modification of source is what we would need to do....
  12. If I want to create a Box and Whisker chart, but each dataset contains millions of rows, is there a way I can send the final data (median, max, min, +-3std deviation) to the chrart instead of the entire set for dataset? I think sending a million rows for dataset, that rendering will be extreemly slow. Please advise. Larry Adams
  13. Yea, this and a series that contains all NULL data both appear to be a bugs IMHO.
  14. Sorry, did not hit the attach button....
  15. In addition, it appears that for the null data correction, it will not start the data until at least one non-null datapoint is found. Please review the chart attached.