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  1. Hi! The documentation mentions that the clickUrl tag supports Fusion Links but I can't find any documentation about what that means. I've been able to put ordinary URLs in this tag and it works fine, but my chart is in an iFrame and I need the link to open the new page in the iFrame parent, not the iFrame itself. I think this could be achieved with the target="_parent" tag used in HTML, but I don't know if FusionCharts support this?
  2. Hi! I am not using AJAX anf the FusionCharts.js file was created December 7. according to it's properties, but it has no version info. I am also using FusionCharts evaluation version (while waiting for my company to buy the full version) and in those folders the FusionCharts.js file was created January 28. Is there any other way I can tell if I have the latest version? How do I download the laters version of FusionCharts.js? Is there a place on your site where customers can log in and download updates?
  3. I'm trying to do the same thing... I have the charts on a html page that is loaded into SharePoint with an iFrame, but I would like to be able to set the clickURL so that it redirects the "whole browser" to the new url, not just open it inside the iFrame. Your suggestion caused the link to open in a new window on my computer. Are there other options that -f you can use for this? How about being able to add something like target="_parent" to the url?
  4. Hi! I'm working on an aspx page in SharePoint with some FusionCharts on, and suddenly I notice this little JavaScript warning icon down on the bottom of my browser. It states that "'ChartMain' is undefined", but everything works just fine... I want to get rid of the error though, because it makes the page look less professional... Looking at the source of the page reveals nothing usefull really... <!-- START Script Block for Chart ChartMain --> <div id='ChartMainDiv' align='center'> Chart. </div> <script type="text/javascript"> var chart_ChartMain = new FusionCharts("/kpi/KPIsource/AngularGauge.swf", "ChartMain", "300", "150", "0", "1"); chart_ChartMain.setDataXML("<chart decimalPrecision='1' lowerLimit='0' upperLimit='5' numberSuffix='' chartTopMargin='10' bgColor='ffffff' showBorder='0' chartBottomMargin='20' basefontColor='000000' toolTipBgColor='ffffff' showValue='1'><colorRange><color minValue='0' maxValue='1.99' code='FF654F' /><color minValue='2' maxValue='5' code='8BBA00' /></colorRange><dials><dial value='0.41' rearExtension='10' /></dials></chart>"); chart_ChartMain.render("ChartMainDiv"); </script> <!-- END Script Block for Chart ChartMain --> As you can see I've set the Register with JavaScript flag to true, but that doesn't help. The weird thing is, a moment ago the error was about another chart, saying "'ChartDepI' is undefined", so I went to my code and made sure the register with JavaScript flag was set to true for all the charts on the page. That's when the error changed to 'ChartMain' which is the first chart on the page. Any ideas what this might be?
  5. Can someone explain RenderChartHtml for me?

    Thank you very much!=) I didn't see the difference myself, hehe. But now I've got the dll and the documentation online so now I can get cracking on this!
  6. Can someone explain RenderChartHtml for me?

    Thanks for the tips, those docs look like they cover what I need=) However, I still cannot find any .dll in my package... The doc says "All code discussed here is present in Download Package > Code > C# > BasicExample folder" but there is no C# folder in my Code folder... Is this something reserved for the Enterprise package? I do have a CodeRealTimeDataProvidersC# - Code Behind folder, but no .dll here either...
  7. Hi guys! Hope you have patience with me for this one. I've been looking through the documentation but I just don't understand how this works... Let's say I have an aspx file with a code-behind c# file. I want to update the chart from my code so I've been looking for examples online, but snippets of code won't help me until I understand the architecture of it. For instance I found a post where a guy uses this code: Response.Write(xmlData);//Create the chart - Pie 3D Chart with data from xmlDatalblChart.Text = InfoSoftGlobal.FusionCharts.RenderChartHTML("FusionCharts/AngularGauge.swf", "", xmlData,"fChart", "200", "240", false); Response.Write? From what context is this code run? Isn't there a chart object I can just call on? It seems like they way to do it is by the RenderChartHtml method, but how do I use that? I've got the professional edition of FusionCharts but I don't see any .dll files to include in my VS project... Could somebody please give me a walktrough of how to do this? Do I import the InfoSoftGlobal namespace? Will there be a special FusionChart control to add to the aspx page or do I still display the chart using javascript? Thanks in advance!=)