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  1. HTML in xml

    Hi all, Is it possible to make the SSGrid use multi-line labels (I can't find any documentation on the SSGrid) ? Can it have more than two columns for series data ? Btw, I am having serious problems with long label names that I need to display, any suggestions to address this would be welcome. ade.
  2. Zero Plane - change value

    ok, it looks like this is not possible by just specifying in the xml. so I burrowed around in the class files. If the following line this.config.basePlanePos = this.getAxisPosition (0, this.config.yMax, this.config.yMin, this.elements.canvas.y, this.elements.canvas.toY, true, 0); in is changed to: this.config.basePlanePos = this.getAxisPosition (100, this.config.yMax, this.config.yMin, this.elements.canvas.y, this.elements.canvas.toY, true, 0); then this moves the column x axis to move to 100 and I can then add a trendline also at 100 for my new x axis. ade.
  3. Is it possible to change the Zero plane value so that I can create a chart with bars above and below an "Zero Plane Axis" where the x axis value is not Zero but a different value e.g. 100 ? If this isn't currently possible with the charts provided at present can someone point me at the specific class files to modify myself ? ade.
  4. I too need to know how to determine when a chart has finished rendering. I need this because I have a flash movie where a user can choose a chart-type to show a particular set of data. At present, switching between chart types too quickly causes conficts and weird draw problems even though I am removing the old chart movieclip or using the destroy method and then re-creating a new chart. If I could test when the render has finished I could disable switching chart type until the chart is finished rendering. ade.
  5. Tooltip position bug

    Yes that is what I am doing and I need to do this. Offsetting the chart instead will not fulfill my requirements, - i.e. it will have further ramifications in my flash movie. I need the movieclip containing the chart to be positionable anywhere. Surely the chart should be self-contained and not require your suggested work-around. So I have updated the file myself to address this (but my solution is not 100% perfect). ade.
  6. Tooltip position bug

    When creating a chart inside a movieclip inside a new flash movie the tooltips do not position correctly i.e. they seem to depend upon the movieclip that contains the chart being positioned at (0,0). Can this be sorted please? I assume it's a bug in the tooltip class. ade.
  7. Upgrade from v2.3 to 3

    I just found this: "Starting FusionCharts v3, the charts can now be very easily integrated with your Flash movies and applications. Unlike previous versions, where you had to load pre-compiled chart SWFs at run-time, you can now include the respective chart's class at design-time and then compile it with your application to form a single comprehensive unit." In the documentation. So maybe I should have read the documentation before diving straight in. It looks to me that .fla files are not necessary (I still can't think what could be acheived with them that I can't do without them) - and that Fusion Charts is still the best solution (v3 looks to be very well coded too) and that it is still priced very low - giving awesome value for money. ade.
  8. Upgrade from v2.3 to 3

    So you are saying that I am correct that the developer license has been downgraded in functionality? You mention not being able to change the source code, surely you mean the .fla source code (that the provided .swf files are derived from) as I believe that I could easily change the classes code. Until I have played more with v3 I won't know if I can acheive what I need by just customizing the classes(previously I had to customize the .fla files). So far it appears to me that the .swf files aren't even needed. Don't the classes create the charts? I have deleted all the .swf files from my machine and successfully built the multiplecharts example... Therefore hopefully there's nothing that I can't acheive without the .fla files which makes the new license agreements even more odd... ade.
  9. Upgrade from v2.3 to 3

    I have just seen from your web site that in version 3: "Only Chart Class files (.as files). .fla files are NOT available." Why is this? Surely my upgrade is really actually a downgrade if the provision in the new version is less functional? Out of interest, I see that only the enterprise license now gets the .fla files. Can you tell me what benefits I would get from upgrading to the enterprise licence to get the .fla files. i.e. what can I do with the.fla files that I cannot do with only the class files? I assume that I could do these things with the v2.3 product under my developer licence but not for the v3 product? ade.
  10. I have downloaded an upgrade to v3 from v2.3 Fusion Charts (developer license). Upon unarchiving the zip and before starting to use the new version I expected to see the .fla source files like the ones that were present with v2.3 but they don't seem to be present. Are the .fla files not now available under the developer license or is there no .fla files to be had for v3. ade.