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  1. Fcrenderevent Fails To Dispatch

    My boss is sending me the order # so we can get the patch release.
  2. Fcrenderevent Fails To Dispatch

    One thing I noticed is that if I don't set the FCTrendLines I can get my dynamic charts to consistently render data, even though the FCRenderEvent is still not dispatched properly.
  3. Default Message Not Removed When Chart Renders

    There were only two files in the archive: Funnel.swf and FusionCharts.swc. When I run the swf there is simply a no data to display message. So this was not very helpful.
  4. Fcrenderevent Fails To Dispatch

    I am running the compiled swf in the browser, not in debug mode. Are you telling me that the FCRender event is fired and caught every time, or that the chart renders the data? There is a big difference. I am compiling the app with the standard 3.5 SDK. It is already completely stripped down. How much more stripped down can it get. Please let me know if the FCRender event is fired and caught every time by your developer. If so please send me the compiled SWF and source so I can test it.
  5. OK, I have a huge issue here and I need some help. FYI our company has purchased the license but is very, very unhappy at the moment. Can someone tell me why the following code snippet fails to dispatch the FCRenderEvent [code <?xml version="1.0" encoding="utf-8"?> <mx:Application xmlns:mx="http://www.adobe.com/2006/mxml" xmlns:ns1="com.fusioncharts.components.*" xmlns:eps="http://epsway.com/2010/" xmlns:test="com.dataDashboard.presentation.*" layout="absolute"> <mx:Script> <![CDATA[ import mx.controls.Alert; public var xmlString:String = "<chart><set label='temp' value='0'/></chart>"; public function onRender():void{ Alert.show("chart rendered"); } ]]> </mx:Script> <ns1:FusionCharts FCChartType="Column3D" FCRenderEvent="onRender()" FCDataXML="{xmlString}" id="meterDataBar3D" FCFolder="fusioncharts" width="200" height="200"/> </mx:Application> ][/code] Technically it does not fail all the time. About 25% of the time the event is dispatched and received. The reason this is a huge problem is that I have tracked it down to be the source of an issue where by I can not dynamically add charts in another application. Whenever the FCRenderEvent fails to fire I can not set the data for my dynamically created charts. In the above example data always renders, but the FCRenderEvent is very rarely dispatched. I am compiling with the FLEX 3.5.0 SDK.
  6. Default Message Not Removed When Chart Renders

    One other thing I noticed. Whenever the chat renders successfully I see the following trace in the flash log: Warning: Reference to undeclared variable, 'target' Warning: Reference to undeclared variable, 'type' Warning: Reference to undeclared variable, 'xmlData' Maybe I need to wait for some sort of initialization to take place. I have tried listening for the FCRenderEvent but it is never fired. I am listening for the FCLoadEvent and waiting to set the chart data until it is received. Please help. This is urgent. We paid for the license but may have to pull the charts entirely if we can't resolve this issue.
  7. Default Message Not Removed When Chart Renders

    I can't send you the code to test because it needs to run in conjunction with our REST API. I can run the chart in debug mode and send you the data it is using. However, I'm not sure this is going to help. Is there any information you can give me about the chart load sequence? Should I be listening for a chart event(s) before trying to set the data? Also, I am not sending the chart XML but native action script objects in accordance with the documentation at http://www.fusioncharts.com/flex/docs/charts/Contents/xml_mapping_singleSeries.html. Is there any known issues with data mapping and FusionCharts?
  8. The no data to display message is not removed when the chart renders. I'm not sure if this happens all the time, or in select cases. I've attached a screen shot for reference. If there is a known work around please let me know as this holding up a product release.
  9. Column 2D Chart Sometimes Fails To Render

    This issue was that the initial call to the chart's FCRender method was called before data was loaded, causing subsequent calls to fail. I had some set up code that triggered a render cll before my data binding for chart data was triggered. By adjusting this code to only trigger a call to FCRender once data was loaded the issue was resolved. I think this is a bug in the chart's code. My subsequent calls to my API correctly render the chart at runtime based on user input, but I would be interested to see what happens if the API returns no data. If the same issue occurs where by the chart fails to render future requests that does return data there is a bug in the chart code.
  10. I have noticed that sometimes the Column 2D Chart sometimes fails to render. I verified that data was sent to the chart using the FCData function. One thing that seemed to fix the issue was setting the "scaleMode" param to "exactFit" and updating the "scaleX" and "scaleY" attributes of the chart manaualy in the updateDisplayList function of my FLEX application. I have noticed other instances where data will not display if the chart becomes too small. Is there anything you can tell me about how the size of the chart may effect its ability to render data? Any idea why setting the scale "scaleMode" param to "exactFit"might help solve the issue? One other thing that may have solved the issue was setting the "labelDisplay" param to "WRAP" instead of "Rotate". Maybe the bitmap drawing functions in the chart objects have issues related to container size? I am embedding the chart using swfObject.