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  1. Hello, I would change the color of the country when clicked. there is this possibility? Hugs
  2. Problem With Bar 2D

    Hello, I am using the 2D Bar Chart, but the label property values ​​are variable and I wouldleave them with a maximum size, because the graph does not need to changepositions by changing the values ​​of the labels. You can leave this value set or fix the value of the graph? Hugs
  3. Problem With Bar 2D

    Hi, Thanks for your reply. Attach added.
  4. Problem With Bar 2D

    Hi Angshu, Thanks for your reply. Don't work with 2D Bar. For XML ex: <chart caption='' subCaption='' yAxisName='' xAxisName='' alternateVGridColor='AFD8F8' baseFontColor='114B78' toolTipBorderColor='114B78' toolTipBgColor='E7EFF6' plotBorderDashed='1' plotBorderDashLen='2' plotBorderDashGap='2' useRoundEdges='1' showBorder='0' bgColor='FFFFFF,FFFFFF' maxLabelWidthPercent='20'> <set label="Nacional" value="13.11" color="0060AF"/> <set label="Estadual" value="14.03" color="0060AF"/> <set label="Municipal" value="0" color="0060AF"/> </chart> Thanks.
  5. Problem With Bar 2D

    Hi Angshu, to generate the graph we need two parameters, label and value the label appears next to the bar, with any size of existing text, causing the bar to be larger or longer depending on the size of the largest label. Would make the label did not exceed a certain size? Such as a fixed width? Thanks.
  6. Change Country Color

    Hello Angshu, thanks for the code, adapted it for my application and it worked, but the color does notchange because I have a color value declared before. Would make the color of the entity is the main color, replacing the min and max color value? Hugs
  7. Xml Js

    Hi ... I need help to create XML with Javascript variable. My Code: var xml = '<chart caption="Mortalidade Infantil" subcaption="Ultimos 10 anos" xAxisName="Ano" yAxisName="Valor" yAxisMinValue="0" numberPrefix="$" showValues="0" alternateHGridColor="FCB541" alternateHGridAlpha="20" divLineColor="FCB541" divLineAlpha="50" canvasBorderColor="666666" baseFontColor="666666" lineColor="FCB541"><set label="Dec" value="39800"/><styles><definition><style name="Anim1" type="animation" param="_xscale" start="0" duration="1"/><style name="Anim2" type="animation" param="_alpha" start="0" duration="0.6"/><style name="DataShadow" type="Shadow" alpha="40"/></definition><application><apply toObject="DIVLINES" styles="Anim1"/><apply toObject="HGRID" styles="Anim2"/><apply toObject="DATALABELS" styles="DataShadow,Anim2"/></application></styles></chart>', myChart = new FusionCharts("../furniture/swfs/Line.swf", "myChart", "300", "330", "0", "0"); myChart.setDataXML(xml); myChart.render("divchart"); Have any error? Thanks.