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  1. OK here is the XML, its not going to format very nicely and its too for the forum to accept in a post so I have attached it I have checked that the js files are up to date and present. Thanks, Nic fusioncharts_xml.txt
  2. I am trying out the migration of a chart to the new 3.2 version to see if we can continue using it as we have a requirement to support iOS devices. In theory the fallback to Highcharts should do the job for us but for the first chart I have tried the Highcharts version displays the axes and trendlines but not the actual data series, which is obviously not good enough. I have not really looked to much at the params, they work in the flash version well enough. Curiously another member of the team has been looking at using highcharts by itself and we are not seeing any problems with the series line rendering there - although he has not yet implemented all the configuration that I have in fusioncharts. The data I am working with is a bit personal so I cannot post a link to the rendered charts right now, what I can post is the PHP code I am using: $FC = new FusionCharts("ZoomLine","700","390"); # set the relative path of the SWF file $FC->setSWFPath("./Charts/"); $chartParams = "caption=; subCaption=; ;showLabels=1;xAxisName=;connectNullData=1; yAxisMaxValue=100; yAxisMinValue=0; bgColor=FFFFFF; bgAlpha=100; bgSWF=images/Moodscope_no_annotation_".$full_month_requested."_".$year_requested.".jpg; baseFontColor=000000; baseFontSize=9; canvasBgAlpha=30; canvasBorderColor=CCCCCC; canvasBorderThickness=0; canvasBorderAlpha=40; divLineColor=CCCCCC; divLineAlpha=100; numDivLines=".$numDivLines."; numVDivlines=29; vDivLineisDashed=1; showAlternateVGridColor=1; lineColor=FF0033; lineThickness=3; lineAlpha=100; borderThickness=0; anchorRadius=4; anchorBgColor=FF0033; anchorBorderColor=FF0033; anchorBorderThickness=1; showValues=0; numberSuffix=; showToolTip=1; toolTipBgColor=FFFF99; toolTipBorderColor=AAAAAA; showToolTipShadow=1; alternateHGridAlpha=5; chartLeftMargin=35; chartRightMargin=15;exportEnabled=1;exportShowMenuItem=1;exportAtClient=1;pixelsPerPoint=5;anchorMinRenderDistance=20;displayStartIndex=".$default_start."; displayEndIndex=".$last_count; $FC->setChartParams($chartParams); if ($show_trend_lines == 1) { $FC->addTrendLine("startValue=".$max.";color=ff0000;displayvalue=My Max "); $FC->addTrendLine("startValue=".$min.";color=0000ff;displayvalue=My Min"); $FC->addTrendLine("startValue=".$my_average.";color=00ffff;displayvalue=My Average "); } $score_value = array_shift($scores); foreach ($range as $day_score){ $FC->addCategory(date('j M y',strtotime($day_score))); if (strtotime($score_value['date']) <= strtotime($day_score)) { $FC->addChartData($score_value['percentage_score'],"label=".date('D j',strtotime($day_score))); $score_value = array_shift($scores); } else { $FC->addChartData('',"label=".date('D j',strtotime($day_score))); } } Am I using features that are unsupported in highcharts, if so which ones. Otherwise is there a bug causing the problem?