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  1. Fusioncharts Is Now Ipad Ready!

    Sir, since you are staff of fusion charts team, so I thought it would be better to ask for help from team staff. I want that you or anyone from your team can make a FLA and SWF standalone files (ie.with JavaScript and XML written inside FLA and SWF file; without using HTML,ASP,PHP... to make them run or render) which is described below: Main: A FLA and SWF file which contains two fusion widgets with same ranges, one is Hlinear Widget which can be edited during runtime and second is Angular Widget which will show the value of Hlinear Widget SYNCHRONOUSLY on the dial ((( Unlike the example published under "live demos > Rating Meter", which is HTML based and on the top of that, the angular widget dial gets updated only after mouse_release event on Hlinear Widgets ; This inhibiting me to use Fusion widgets in designing simple but synchronous dashboards and play on flash media players ))) Request: I want you to make minimum effort to design the above files (ie only two widgets ,with minimum actionscript, no images or decorations) so that it will consume your time at the least and I will get the solution with that. Your and your team's help will be very appreciated. I will be waiting for your reply.. -From ##newbie