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  1. Difference Between Fusioncharts And Highcharts

    Thanks, all sorted.
  2. Hi, I'm trying to get the fusion chart graphs to work on an iPad and am having trouble with the 2d pie. Making changes to the <chart> attributes such as showPercentValues has no effect. See pics for differences but I want to remove the percentage with all the decimal places. XML: <chart showBorder='0' bgColor='ffffff' showPlotBorder='1' plotBorderThickness='2' slicingDistance='8' caption='' showNames='1' showValues='1' formatNumberScale='0' formatNumber='1' decimals='0' forceDecimals='0' showZeroPies='0'><set label='C152' tooltext='C152' value='95' /><set label='C172' tooltext='C172' value='21' /></chart> Thanks
  3. exportCallback won't fire

    Not sure how that answers my question. Could the multiple calls cause the problem?
  4. exportCallback won't fire

    Any reply on this?
  5. exportCallback won't fire

    I have 1 or more radar.swf's on a page. I call exportChart() for each if hasRendered() is true. Each then calls the same exportCallback function and maintains a count - when all have called the exportCallback I go on to do other things. Could the multiple calls cause the problem? As before - this all works offline.
  6. exportCallback won't fire

    I have a fully operational exportCallback using Radar.swf on my local server. I have just moved everything to the production server and whilst the JPEG's are being saved correctly to disk, the function defined in exportCallback is not being fired. The production server is https, could this cause a problem? I tried using FC_Exported(objRtn) and my own function name but this makes no difference. I noticed that the images seem to take longer to save on the production server, is there any sort of timeout which could be failing before exportCallback is fired?
  7. Image not exported for save

    I have resolved the issue - just needed to look more carefully at the examples! I am running through IIS so did not have to make any security settings changes.
  8. Image not exported for save

    Could anyone help on a similar problem - I don't get quite as far as ItalFreak. In debug I get the following messages: Export Capture Process Start: The chart has started capturing bitmap data for export. Export Trasmit Data Start: The chart has finished capture stage of bitmap export and is now initiating transfer of data to JS function 'FC_ExportDataReady'. ...but the "Waiting" button never gets enabled or changes to Save. I have upgraded to Flash Player 10.
  9. PowerCharts' DragNode doesn't load images

    Not specefied. It is a generic page to Response.BinaryWrite files stored above the root. It can be used for any file type. Does it need to be progessive or non-progressive.
  10. PowerCharts' DragNode doesn't load images

    JPEG. Linking to a JPEG directly in the web root works fine.
  11. PowerCharts' DragNode doesn't load images

    I realise this topic is quite old but I have a similar issue. I have a drag node chart using: imageNode='1' imageurl='/images/icons/org_female.png' which works fine. However, in the same chart I use: imageNode='1' imageurl='page.asp?id=123' which loads an image (using Response.BinaryWrite) which is secured above the web root. In this case the image and node text does not display, I just get a blank box. I use this method elsewhere on standard web pages and it does display the image. I have tried URL encoding the imageurl but this has no effect. Any help, much appreciated!