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  1. Thanks, the problem has been fixed. it was due to that Flash Player was not installed on that machine. However I expected a more descriptive error message from FC. Thanks, Mahmoud
  2. Hi, I got this error when I try to display the chart, when I enabled debug mode I got nothing descriptive. Any suggestions for the reason??
  3. Chart Animation In Firefox 4

    Hi, FusionChart version is FusionCharts v3.2.1 (Released on 6th October 2010) and firefox is 4.0 (it works fine on earlier versions of firefox and on other browsers)
  4. Chart Animation In Firefox 4

    Hi, Thanks for your reply, please find a screenshot attached of the empty chart area after I choose a chart type from the menu. After about 10 seconds the chart renders directly without animation. Hope this is clear enough and if you want to repeat the scenario you can try the page on firefox 4.0, the page is one of the samples shipped with the evaluation version. Thanks
  5. Chart Animation In Firefox 4

    Hi, I was trying the examples for pie/donuts chart exists in this location /FusionCharts_Evaluation/FusionCharts_Evaluation/Code/JavaScript/PieDoughnut/togglePieSlice.html from the downloaded evaluation version. First time chart loads correctly but everytime I choose another chart type from the menu, the animation doesn't work and after some time the chart is displayed in the page (I assume after animation is completed, the final chart is rendered on the page). This behavior happens only on firefox 4.0, on IE and earlier versions of firefox it works fine. Any clue.. Thanks